Friday, November 25, 2016

Ferrero separates from the Romanian Surprise egg supplier in THE WORLD

Ferrero draws consequences from the scandal of a Romanian supplier that produces surprise eggs for the Italian confectionery group. “Ferrero tells … that it has ordered the immediate termination of all relations with the subcontractors Prolegis in Romania”, reports the company.

Previously were allegations of loud, surprise eggs would be produced in Romania, in child labour. Ferrero, there are no instructions. In the investigation of other “deviations from Ferrero, but were policies and contracts” emerged.

what deviations it is, specifically, is known to the company on request. “I can tell you nothing,” is the schmallippige answer from the press office of the company.

Ferrero gives insights in production in Romania

Perhaps it comes to Hygiene. For one thing, the longest paragraph in the Letter from the group’s headquarters with exactly this topic. “All of our products to the strictest safety and quality tests must be carried out before they enter the market,” for example. Or that the production will be checked every two hours with regard to a possible bacterial contamination.

on The other Ferrero has sent four pictures from the production in the Northern Romanian city of Carei, in order to prove the hygiene standards there. At this point, the otherwise closed group provides, therefore, an unusual deep insight. As you can see, for example, a disinfection room and the production hall.

The disinfection area in the Romanian production facility of Ferrero

source: Ferrero

A report in the British tabloid newspaper “the Sun” paints a different picture. He shows photos of a young woman with her six and eleven year old children during filling, and the yellow put inside capsules of surprise eggs in the comfort of your lounge. Whether working from home in Ferrero is allowed or not, did not want to answer the speaker.

No evidence of child labour in the surprise eggs

also in the report, allegations of child labor Ferrero has no proof. “In the most recent Inspection in may 2016, it was found that the Ferrero is adhered to code accurately,” says the Letter from the company.

in Romania, the newspaper is in doubt the report, including the headmistress of the photographed children. According to the competent youth welfare office the parents want to feed in legal action and properly positions to obtain, because by “sensationalist people the image of the family has been denigrated, and to the whole world untruths have been presented”. Nevertheless, the Romanian judiciary has launched investigations.

the employees of Prolegis, in turn, wants to take care of Ferrero. Not to punish “the legitimate workers that have to do with this matter, ensures Ferrero … that they are not being treated unfairly”, the company promises in its opinion. How exactly this can be ensured, Ferrero.

just like the question of whether difficulties in delivery in the case of surprise eggs can occur. Not even the number and location of additional production facilities for the candy with a toy Inside has always been a closed group intends to betray.


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