Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The UK Chancellor of the exchequer Hammond disenchanted the Brexit-dream world – Sü

While the Brexit supporters want, apparently, to build the British Empire, says the Minister of Finance, which is hardly a dare otherwise: That the EU exit very painful.

comment by Christian Zaschke

Philip Hammond is the most rational member of the British government. He is a pragmatist and fact, times of feeling in these post-policy as a relic. The Minister of Finance is pleasant dröge, he is hardworking, he thinks nothing of the allegations and all of the facts. Therefore, it is the advocates of leaving the EU is suspicious. Again and again Hammond, something to say is allowed, what is not want to listen to the Brexit friends partout: that of the outlet under the circumstances, it is painful.

Hammond is one of the few conservative politicians who dare to speak critically about the Brexit. Most are silent now, because every critical comment draws the sharpest attacks. These attacks do not make also before the justice. As recently, three judges at the High Court decided that the Parliament should be consulted before Brussels will also be notified officially by the outlet desire, had to let the Daily Mail as “enemies of the people” insult. The Argument: The people voted in June by a majority for the exit, so that all the debates are finished. Now it is about the Brexit. Everything else is undemocratic.

In truth, would have to start the debate now. Still is completely unclear what the Brexit means and how he is to be executed. Now, it is almost grotesque humour, when the Prime Minister Theresa May said she could not reveal any Details, because it would be unwise to show your hand prior to the beginning of the poker game with Brussels. It is obvious that she has no sheets.

The Brexit pulls the country down, but the British ignore all

That the vote needs to be implemented, is out of the question. Who questioned the people who must bend then, also the will of the person. This should not, however, mean that there should be no more debate. Democratically, it would be to think in an open debate about the way the exit would be.

142 billion euros more debt: the UK is gearing up for the Brexit

The Minister of Finance must be bitter news to announce. The growth is clear. Therefore, the country intends to invest substantially. Valentin Dornis more-like …

The ideas of some of the Brexit supporters border on the Delusional. There should be more growth, a strict immigration control, at the same time, free trade with the EU and any other country in the world, and, if possible, to British conditions. Sometimes it sounds a lot like the desire to build the Empire again. It is a dream world. Theresa May is playing with the game and promises to be all things to all people.

climate of intimidation and Aggression

Philip Hammond, is not to have it. On Wednesday, he presented the first budget after the referendum: In the coming years, the country will have recorded a slower growth, a higher Inflation and lower tax revenue. Therefore, you will take on more debt as planned, specifically: 122 billion pounds, more than 140 billion euros. It will be interesting when the hardliners are trying to be the Bearer of bad messages to saw off.

The Labour party is still always busy with themselves and hardly in a position to contribute to a productive discussion of what it means: the most important political issue for decades, will not be debated on the island. Rather, the Brexit-press, and above all, the unscrupulous Daily Mail and the hysterical Daily Express, a climate of intimidation and Aggression.

Less Prosecco from Italy

The sound does not become only sharper, but also in the EU. Now the guilty will be sought for a difficult Brexit in Brussels. If the EU is to insist actually the fact that without freedom of movement, no access to the internal market, then one must speak of a harassment. A large Pub chain threatens to boycott French wine, German beer and Swedish cider. The foreign Minister, Boris Johnson, threatened the Italian industry Minister, whose country will sell less of Prosecco on the island, if the duty-free goods are not guaranteed. Even before the negotiations have even started, is tense and the mood. Well possible that it’s the Brexit-friends manage to poison you until next year completely.

The presentation of the budget by the way is the only opportunity in the House of Commons is allowed to drink alcohol, and only the Minister of Finance. Kenneth Clarke drank Whisky, Benjamin Disraeli drank Brandy, William Gladstone drank Sherry with raw Egg. Not all Finance Ministers have made use of this right, and yet left it as a Symbol for the upcoming times read that the admonisher Hammond sipped during the reading of his budget constraint and a glass of still water.

Brexit will cost the British ten percent of your prosperity

The households in the United Kingdom since the vote for the EU The outlet lost $ 1.5 trillion in assets. Debt especially with the weak pound. more…


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