Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Labour market – unemployment is at a record low: 2,53 million without a Job Sü

Directly from the dpa-news channel

Nuremberg, Germany (dpa) – were In Germany in November, so few people are unemployed for the last 25 years ago. Only in the spring of 1991, the number of unemployed had a slightly lower located. According to the data of the Federal employment Agency (BA) in November 2,532 million men and women without work.

This is 8000 less than in October and 101 000 less than a year ago, as the authority announced in Nuremberg. The unemployment rate fell by 0.1 points to 5.7 percent.

to job seekers, the training measures and vocational training courses completed, were Expecting in November nationwide, however, 3,517 people been seeking work. The were 41 000 more than a year ago, reported the Federal employment Agency chief Frank-Jürgen Weise. The rise in refugees is provided primarily; many of them are currently still in the funding rates. You are officially “looking for work” but not as “unemployed”.

Nevertheless, after a Wise evaluation of the German labour market more robust; also, the prospects are not favourable. “The number of people who contact us because of a threat of job loss continues to decline. The risk of unemployment has continued to decrease,” said the BA boss happy. Similar confident the Federal Minister of labour Andrea Nahles (SPD) assessed the current labour market situation.

way to go – contrary to the forecast of the economy and the Bank’s people, from the hosts point – in 2017, more of a slight decline in unemployment. Average for the year, he expects to 2,62 million job seekers. That would be around 70 000 jobless less than expected this year.

Not to overstate the slight lull in the job offer should be in his view. From a trend reversal could be no question. “We have such a high level of employment and psycho-logically, then, the expectation, the must continue to rise. But you have to say, this is not such a high level, as we had it,” gave way to concern.

According to the latest Figures available from September, the number of social insurance in the month fell for the first time since prolonged-seasonally adjusted-somewhat – to 6000. In total, there were in September 31.74 million regular, 411 000 more than a year ago. The number of employed persons was 43,84 million, however, only 352 000 above the level from September 2015.

the syntax does not exclude that the planned EU exit of the UK could have prompted companies to hesitate in the case of new hires. The announced foreclosure of the policies of a future US President Donald Trump will not possibly remain without consequences for the German economy, albeit with a time delay. “In the long run will have the sure effects,” said way.

meanwhile, according to the Federal Agency, “the impact of refugee migration on the labour market increasingly visible”. So 000 job-seekers were in the employment agencies and job centres in November of 406 refugees registered; 160 000 of them are counted as unemployed. The rest would still be living in courses on the life and profession in Germany prepared, and went, therefore, first of all, not in the unemployment statistics.

The number of unemployed refugees increased so that within a year’s time by more than 80 000. At the same time, around 34 000 refugees found but since December 2015 a place, like a BA Board member Raimund Becker pointed out. 268 000 would have of language since then, and vocational preparatory courses completed. More and more refugees were, in the meantime, during or after the asylum procedure of funding programmes. That is the reason why the number of unemployed refugees not getting currently so strong.


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