Saturday, November 26, 2016

Break in pilot strike: Lufthansa expects Sunday to be largely normal flight operations – daily mirror

Lufthansa expects the strike of the previous day for Sunday with a largely normal flight operations. The company said on Saturday in Frankfurt am Main. The pilots ‘ Union Cockpit had previously announced that it wanted to abandon on Sunday to take strike action. On Saturday

The Vereinigung Cockpit strike the Lufthansa since Wednesday. For Saturday, the company had to be cancelled because of the strike action 137 flights, including 88 Intercontinental Connections. Were affected, according to the company alone, to this day, 30,000 passengers.

Also on Sunday, due to the previous strike days still to scattered flight cancellations could therefore””. Lufthansa therefore asked all customers to check before getting to the airport on the company’s website about the Status of your flight. A possible reason for such failures would not, for example, when a plane is due to the strike from Saturday to Sunday provided the point of departure.

was A solution to the dispute, meanwhile, despite a new offer from Lufthansa in sight. Rather, the Cockpit consulted on new industrial action, which could include, according to a report in the “Bild-Zeitung”of Saturday, the Lufthansa subsidiary Germanwings. The leaf, relying on information from trade Union circles. The Cockpit is also planning for Wednesday a protest at Frankfurt airport.

Lufthansa personnel chief Bettina Volkens, had declared on Friday, instead of a wage increase of 2.5 percent, the group is able to offer an increase of 4.4 percent, as well as a one-time payment. In addition, there could be a “total solution” with the involvement of other contentious topics, including the early retirement scheme for older pilots, who can go from 55 years into the paid early retirement.

the Cockpit had rejected the offer on Friday, and “old wine in new hoses”. The Association pointed out that the company does not want to compensate for the proposed higher compensation in other areas, but even overcompensate. If this were not the case, then “would be an entry level into the compensation mediation conceivable,” said Cockpit Board member Joerg Handwerg.

Given the hardened fronts in collective strike new were in action in the next week probably. The Cockpit is secured, only, strikes as in the past, at least 24 hours in advance. (AFP)

The time of privilege is over: click here to read a comment from Rolf Obertreis to the labor dispute at Lufthansa.


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