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Technology – No Internet at home: What consumers can do – Sü

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Bonn (dpa/tmn) – No series, no video chat and no Facebook, not even an E-Mail. Many of the things that users are for Internet, of course, will not work in case of a fault suddenly – as currently customers of the Telecom.

But how to find out find customers in such cases, whether there is a fault? And it returns, therefore, money? The most important questions and answers in the Overview:

What to do in the current case, the Telecom fault?

power Off, power on, continue surfing: So it is done in the current case, the promise of the Telecom. The cause of the current fault is a Problem specific Router models when dialling into the network. Who has home problems with the Internet, you should restart the Router. A Telecom advises speakers to take the device from the power and wait at least three seconds. Thereafter, the Router – that should be enough to fix the Problem.

What is not, in principle, to do if the Internet goes home?

The first step should be in this case is always the visit to the Router, says Thorsten Neuhetzki from the online portal “”. Because the devices have glow in the rule-of-Control, with which the connection to the network check. “Not a light in there anything that lights up, otherwise, there is probably a fault,” says the expert. Similar as in the current case, a Router reboot is always a good idea. “Broken, nothing can go.” Also this does not help, probably remains only patience.

What do the warning lights are in order?

Even computer rule number one comes in: A reboot is almost wrong never. Finally, it can be disturbed in place of the connection between the Router and the Internet between the Router and the device. Users should therefore first examine whether you can with other devices to the Internet – and in case of doubt, in addition to the Router, the affected Notebooks, Tablets and co. and turn it on again. So all the devices involved have a new opportunity to connect with each other.

And what if the fault lies in the flat?

Who can surf on other routes in the network, for example via the mobile radio network via a Smartphone, you should search for fellow sufferers. “In the case of larger stuff, there are often on Facebook or Twitter, the appropriate notifications,” says Neuhetzki. Otherwise, a call to the customer service of the Provider is worthwhile. In the case of extensive failures of the mostly white already know, in the case of small problems, he helps more often. The employees can check, for example, at a distance, whether in the basement or on the way to the house the line is disturbed, says Neuhetzki and then a solution to help.

Have customers in case of a fault are entitled to compensation?

“Generally speaking, the consumer a refund claim for the failure of the conditional period,” says Henrik Egli, a lawyer at the consumers Central Rhineland-Palatinate. According to most of the General terms and conditions (GTC) of the Provider, customers will have to accept minor failures. It is only when the Internet goes down for longer, people can demand a part of your monthly fees returned.

Who has business failures due to the router problems, should also take account of possible claims for damages, check, Egli. Another tip: “In any case, the disturbances to be documented and the provider report. As an alternative to a refund, then a replacement tract may be required.” A surf stick includes, for example, with the consumer to the solution of the problem to the Internet can go.


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