Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Lufthansa pilots to strike on Thursday – THE WORLD

FFrankfurt/Main – Lufthansa-from a wide range of pilots on strike and want to get their work on Thursday. The night started recusal is extended to two days.

the pilots ‘ Union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) announced immediately after a hearing before the regional labour court of Hesse.

fall Alone today because of the now 14. Strikes of pilots are 876 flights from and around each second under the main brand of the group. About 100 000 passengers are affected, according to Lufthansa.

The court had rejected before the strike extension of final a request from the Lufthansa, to prohibit the strike on Wednesday by injunction. “After the Wednesday, nearly 900 flights on Lufthansa have been cancelled, are also affected this time, all Long – and short-range connections, which should depart at this time from Germany,” said the VC Board member Joerg Handwerg, in terms of the Thursday.

A spokeswoman for Lufthansa said, take with a complete lack of understanding to the knowledge that the VC yet before the start of the strike on Wednesday for Thursday for the next announce. “This adds to the company and especially its customers a further great harm through the Association of the Cockpit.” The company announced that it plans to create for the Thursday a special flight plan, and to publish as quickly as possible on the Lufthansa website. For Wednesday, the company had already released at midday on Tuesday such a Plan.

From the canceled flights, are 51 inter-continental connections. Overall, the Lufthansa brand comes to around 1800 flights per day. “2124 of about 3000 scheduled flights operated by the Lufthansa Group are to be held”, – stated in the message of the company from a Tuesday lunch. This also includes flights of the group included companies that are not on strike, such as, for example, Brussels, Swiss, or BOO-BOO.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Lufthansa before the labour court in Frankfurt, a request for an injunction against the strike. The court shied away from intervention in the autonomy of collective bargaining: “We will not be allowed to withdraw tariff policy on our part of an assessment. On tariff policy, we are not allowed to, as a state court,” said the presiding judge, Martin Becker during the negotiation.

in the second instance, Lufthansa was defeated shortly before midnight. The presiding judge Peter’s presence had to recognize early on, given that he holds the Lufthansa criticism of the collective bargaining demands of the Union Vereinigung Cockpit in a summary proceeding for non-legally klärbar.

The VC has been on strike in the ongoing dispute already 13 times. The last round was canceled in September 2015, after the national labour court of Hessen, a single Strike as unlawful was assessed. Since then, the VC has changed its negotiating tactics, and to open collective bargaining topics. The cause of the current strike requirements to the content of the approximately 5400 pilots concerned.

the pilots of The Airline had announced the strike on Monday. For the first time had been on strike in the ongoing labor dispute in April 2014. This Time it focuses solely on the collective salaries of the pilots of Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo and subsidiary Germanwings. The pilots require tariff increases of 22 per cent over a period of five years until April 2017. The pilot Union Vereinigung Cockpit had rejected on the previous Wednesday, as the company’s proposal to enter into a conciliation of the outstanding salary negotiations.

Federal transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt advertised, however, once again, for a conciliation. “I think that is the right way,” said the CSU politician on Tuesday after a Meeting with representatives of the aviation industry in Berlin. He had perceived that the group had proposed a mediation. One could rightly ask, how often the partners page, this desire could not refuse. It is the task of the parties to a collective agreement to talk about it.

Asked about a possible Intervention Dobrindt said: “as long As it’s a confrontation, we believe that you can positively be an end restraint for the policy attached. We are still in the observation situation, this need not stay this way forever.”


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