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Pilots ‘ Union rejects offer of Lufthansa – THE WORLD

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pilots to strike on Friday

source: Reuters

The Association of the Cockpit increases the pressure. Also on Friday, pilots of short-haul flights are called to let the work rest. Passengers have no great understanding more.

source: Reuters

The Association of the Cockpit back to the recent tariff offer of wage increases for the 5400 Lufthansa pilots. The Lufthansa continue to call for a zero round for six years. New strike threatens.

Im collective labor dispute at Lufthansa’s new threat of more strikes after the weekend. The pilot Union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) rejected on Friday evening a new offer of the group with the words, it was “old wine in new bottles”.

On Sunday, will not strike, said Cockpit Board member Joerg Handwerg. After further strike action was possible.

“what Lufthansa has sent to us now, is already two months old,” said Handwerg, the AFP news Agency. The same word, according to the company, have sent an open letter to his employees.

Lufthansa personnel chief Bettina Volkens had previously stated, instead of a wage increase of 2.5 percent, the group is able to offer an increase of 4.4 percent, as well as a one-time payment.

In the process of restructuring and collective labor dispute with the pilots had last been only to negotiate about the compensation agreements. Now the Lufthansa again put a broad proposal to a variety of controversial subjects.

Lufthansa is looking for a “total solution”

In the context of a “total solution” could get the pilot a “stronger increase in their Remuneration” as previously targeted, said Volkens. Would allow this, “because we would be elsewhere – for example, in the Wake of a modernized pension – savings”.

To the topics that Lufthansa wants to tackle in the context of the “total solution”, also belongs to the controversial transitional care. So far, the Lufthansa pilots will be able to go with 55 years in the paid early retirement.

The company no longer wanted to bear the cost of that actually. Now the airline offers, the System is “in principle” to maintain the average retiring age but by 2018, the 60 years increase.

Handwerg rejected the offer. The Vereinigung Cockpit had said the whole time that you will not accept it, if the remuneration with other elements will be mixed, he told AFP.

“conflict is more open,”

in Addition, the Lufthansa itself had acted with the Argument of mixing of topics in court against the Union, it said in a statement. In addition, the compensation increase in other areas, not only “against”, but “more than offset” should be compensated.

“The conflict is more open,” said Handwerg. To allow customers to “something coming to rest and so you come to your destination” will not strike on Sunday.

After the weekend it could lead to further work stoppages. New strikes were announced as in the past, at least 24 hours in advance.

The Vereinigung Cockpit strike the Lufthansa since Wednesday up to and including Saturday. On Saturday, all long-haul flights: Lufthansa line 137 flights, including 88 Intercontinental Connections.

30,000 passengers will need to reschedule. There are also “sporadic cuts” for Short – will give-and medium-haul flights, said Lufthansa on Friday. Overall, the Airline had to cancel since Wednesday of nearly 2,800 flights, more than 345.000 passengers are affected.


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