Monday, November 28, 2016

Lufthansa are before the court: a pilot strike, go on VIEW.CH

On Tuesday, would be deleted 816 flights on short-haul flights, with 82’000 passengers, Lufthansa. To flights departing from Germany. Nearly 2200 Connections could take place. On Wednesday 890 Compounds with 98’000 pass would be in addition to act. Then will strike on long-haul routes. Flights of the subsidiaries Eurowings and Germanwings, as well as of the group companies, AUA, Swiss, Brussels, Air Dolomiti, would not re-strike.

afterwards, work stoppages possible, highlighted the pilots ‘ Union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC). “The strikes on Wednesday are possible,” a spokesman said.

request for the once-willing-to-be available

Lufthansa failed on Monday night, the strikes are still before the courts stop it. She had submitted an application for an interim injunction at the labour court Munich and stated that parts of the wage claim of the pilots to be illegal. Specifically, Lufthansa had criticized that the requirement of VC, from the 13. Year of employment, higher salary increases, demand increases, against the General principle of equal treatment of the movement. Younger pilots were discriminated against.

The labour court dismissed the complaint, however. Subsequently, Lufthansa had called the regional labour court of Munich the next instance. But then she withdrew her complaint. “Lufthansa has taken the appeal against the decision of the labour court, after nearly one and a half hours of negotiations back,” said the court. Thus, the decision of the labour court is final.

Lufthansa provides no justification

A detailed justification for the withdrawal of the Lufthansa delivered. A spokeswoman spoke of “legal reasons”, which did not want to comment. For the airline it is already the second legal defeat. Already last week, they had tried, the strikes of the pilots to court to stop, but failed in front of two of the local labour courts.

the VC had called on Sunday evening after fruitless talks with Lufthansa, once again, to strike. An offer for the group rejected as “not negotiable”. Lufthansa had proposed a Salary increase of 4.4 percent in two stages by 2018, a one-off payment of 1.8 monthly salaries and new hires.

The pilots ‘ Union demands for the 5400 Lufthansa pilots pay increases of 22 percent over the five years to April 2017. You had started last Wednesday with a new wave of strikes on Sunday and Monday interrupted. (SDA/stj)

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