Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Lufthansa pilots extend strike until Friday – TIME ONLINE

collective labor dispute – a strike at Lufthansa still inconclusive The Vereinigung Cockpit and Lufthansa have not been able so far to agree to a tariff increase. Around 100,000 passengers in Germany are affected by the strike. < span itemprop="name">© photo: Matthias Balk/dpa

thousands of passengers have to adjust, up to and including Friday on strong disabilities in air transportation. Lufthansa failed with the attempt to make the strike the pilots ‘ Union Cockpit (VC) by application for a temporary injunction in court to prohibit. The Cockpit announced according to the judgment, the first for Wednesday scheduled strike until Friday, extending.

Of the strike should be alone on Wednesday 100,000 passengers affected as Lufthansa dash for the day 876 scheduled flights. On Thursday 912 flights to be cancelled, the 115,000 passengers are affected. On Friday, all are short-distance pilots called the right to stop work.

The extension of the strike, the group took up “with a complete lack of understanding to the knowledge of” how it was said in a statement. “The extension of the strike is a further escalation by the VC, which leads to even more uncertainty for our customers.” After a defeat in the lower instance, Lufthansa had turned on the Hessian land labour court to have the strike but at the last Minute ban. The judge saw no reason for a ban; against their judgment, no appeal in summary proceedings was possible.

The pilots ‘ Union Cockpit and Lufthansa, was the one who to blame for the extended strike. “Also during today’s court proceedings, the representatives of the employers ‘side were not able to be improved to present” criticized the VC Board member Joerg Handwerg.

Lufthansa takes dormant claim for damages

Lufthansa sets the Vereinigung Cockpit is now under financial pressure. In the meantime-dormant claim for damages over EUR 60 million, will again be pursued, a company spokesman said. The claim refers to the first strike round in the current collective labor dispute in April 2014, which will be assessed by the company as non-lawful. Lufthansa had the lawsuit to rest, not to burden the ongoing talks. The has the now 14. Strike round is done. A successful claim in this amount, the Union would be over the debt.

Lufthansa spokesman Martin Leutke said the ZDF-tomorrow magazine that his company had made the offers, the Union is but seems to be more of an escalation than a goal-oriented solution to the conflict. Each day of the strike was a “sad day for Lufthansa”. Leutke called for a mediation, because the differences between the demands and Offers of both sides were so great.

The company announced that it plans to create a special flight plan and published on the Lufthansa Homepage. Affected would be so transferred as far as possible on other Airlines or other means of transport such as rail, shared with Lufthansa. According to plan, the flights of the daughters of Germanwings, eurowings, Air Dolomiti, Austrian Airlines, Swiss and Brussels Airlines, would be carried out.

Dobrindt promotes mediation

this is the already 14. Strike in the ongoing labor dispute. This Time it focuses solely on the collective salaries of the pilots of Lufthansa, Lufthansa cargo and subsidiary Germanwings. The Vereinigung Cockpit calls retroactively, as from 2012, a wage increase of 3.7 per cent in the year. Lufthansa offers 2.5 per cent over a period of six years.

Federal transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt campaigned meanwhile, for an arbitration in the stalled negotiations. “I think that is the right way,” said the CSU politician in Berlin. He had perceived that the group had proposed a mediation. One could rightly ask, how often the partners page, this desire could not refuse. It is the task of the parties to a collective agreement to talk about it.


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