Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Trade agreement TPP: Donald Trumps Video shocking Asia – N24

Donald Trump is Serious: As US President he wants to get out of the car from the TRANS-Pacific trade agreement TPP. The shock in Asia is large. Also, Europe is likely to feel the impacts.

on the first day of his term, the President-designate, US President, Donald Trump wants to tilt the TRANS-Pacific trade agreement TPP. The Trump announced in a video message for the program of his first 100 days. The message that triggered the US’s trading partners in Asia, strong irritation.

The TPP agreement has been signed by twelve countries, including the United States, but not yet in force. The completion of a centerpiece of the Agenda of U.S. President Barack Obama, who wanted to strengthen the economic ties the United States to Asia.

TPP is also a model for the not-yet-completed agreement negotiated TTIP the United States with Europe. A statements of Trump is considered to be extremely unlikely.

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Trump the TPP phase-out and announced now that he would allow the withdrawal of the United States as a presidential arrangement. “The agreement is a potential Disaster for the country,” he said. Bilateral trade agreements should replace it.

In the US election were the trade agreements is an important issue. Many citizens make for the loss of jobs and the reduction of the U.S. industry.

Japan, the planned withdrawal of the United States came as a shock. The agreement without the United States not make sense, said government spokesman Yoshihide Suga, in Tokyo. Similarly, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Buenos expressed Aires.

Australia’s hopes despite Trumps rejection on the future of the Pact. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Tuesday brought a possible Amendment of the agreement: “We must wait and see the extent to which the USA want to be in TPP, or a more developed Version of the Handelspakts engage.”

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new Zealand will also adhere to the trade agreement. “We stay here, We have adopted the TPP legislation and other countries will also do it soon. We should first wait and see what happens,” said trade Minister Todd McClay. “We believe that TPP is a valuable Deal for all countries involved. As long as we don’t know how the US government will behave in exactly, we will continue with the TPP process first.”

In his recorded video message insured Trumps, he will follow in his politics, a “very simple principle”: “to put America first”. Whether it’s go to the production of steel, the construction of the cars or the Cure of diseases: He wished that all this be done in the United States, and jobs and prosperity for American workers would be created.

With the presidential orders wants to play Trump his policy from the first day forward, not only in TPP. For these decrees to be a US President does not need Congress as a legislator. However, they will be criticized by constitutional law experts.

Trump said that he was going to swipe in the energy sector regulations, which went at the expense of Jobs and productivity. There are also the so-called Fracking, and – as he said – to clean coal.

In the area of national security, wants to instruct Trump the intelligence services, especially against cyber attacks on the infrastructure of the United States to act, but also against every other Form of attacks. The fight against terrorism and foreign politically sensitive issues such as Syria, mentioned Trump.

In the case of immigration, he will instruct the Ministry of labour to investigate all cases of Visa abuse, the American workers harmed, said Trump. To strongly criticized topics in the election campaign, such as the construction of a wall to Mexico or an immigration stop for Muslims, he said nothing.

“these are just some steps to reform Washington and medium-sized companies to rebuild,” said Trump. You’ll work together to make America again for everyone’s great. Trump added: “And I really mean anyone.”


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