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Internet: Nahles wants to loosen in the face of the digitization of working time arrangements in THE WORLD

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the Minister suggests in the white paper “choice of hours of work act” to

Bundesarbeitsministerin Andrea Nahles (SPD) wants to loosen in the face of the increasing digitalisation of the working time regulations in Germany. In your on Tuesday submitted a “white paper 4.0″ Work, the Minister suggested a “choice of hours of work act”, is intended to give employees more options in working hours and place. Their concept also includes an employment account, the newcomers should get. The German Confederation of trade unions (DGB) welcomed the advance; but there was also criticism.

be limited to The choice of the working time act according to the ideas of Nahles first two years. Permits with conditions provided and limited derogation from the currently existing provisions of the law on Working hours to maximum daily working time and rest time, should be stated in the white paper. However, a collective agreement had to allow for this Opening.

workers should be able to choose according to the proposal, under certain conditions, the duration of their working time. You should receive a discussion of law in relation to the location of the working time, even if you do not want to reduce – and to the place of work.

“The More flexibility must be addressed in the implementation of new property rights”, invited the Minister in the Text. This could mean, for example, that a maximum of two times in excess of the statutory maximum daily working time must not result in ten hours Exceeding the maximum average working week of 48 hours and no later than the following week a free working day had to follow. “Another Option would be a right to a home office with a free choice of the place of Work”, – stated in the white paper.

It will always be normal””, the working hours of life situations and life phases, said Nahles at the final conference for discussion of the white paper, according to the speech text. “Working time differentiation, this is a clear Trend,” added the Minister. “A So-and-So-much-hours-week for all of us today is not the issue.”

This personal employment account shall be equipped according to the wishes of Nahles with a starting balance. Thus, the loss of income should be able to be worn – in case of qualification or entrepreneurship, for example, part-time-phase or time-outs.

The DGB Chairman Reiner Hoffmann said in Berlin, Nahles set with the white paper on the right priorities. With a view to the major changes due to the digitization should be the ultimate goal, “the workers keep fit for the challenges of the future”. The strengthening of collective bargaining and the Expansion of data protection for Employees is of Central importance.

The Greens accused the Minister, on the other hand, you stay to vague. “There is a clear political Agenda for the implementation of the proposals”, said the labour market expert Brigitte Pothmer.

The Left front threw Nahles, a “softening” of the law on Working hours. “More and more people are times through excessive working and the constant stress at work sick,” said group Vice Klaus Ernst. And Nahles “wants to abolish the Eight-hour day in a field experiment”. It was “absurd”.

The white paper on the Internet.


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