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Internet, phone and TV network of Deutsche Telekom disturbed and in many places, THE WORLD

date: 27.11.2016 | Reading time: 3 minutes

Since the afternoon Telekom report-customer interference. Internet, telephony and television are affected nationwide. The extent and the cause are still unclear. Only in June there were database problems.

Im network of Deutsche Telekom since Sunday afternoon, a disorder in which numerous States are affected. “It is a disturbance. The magnitude and extent are still unclear," said a company spokesman.

On their Facebook page, “Telekom helps” said the Telekom in the evening, there is currently problems on Telecom ports. “Internet, telephony and television are affected by it. We are working to remedy the cause."

According to the “Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung”, it should be a nationwide fault. According to the website “with All faults” on the customer failures to report, shows a map of Germany the extent of the failures.

Accordingly, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt am Main and the Region around Cologne almost all the länder affected. Especially sharply it hits the Ruhr area, the Region around Frankfurt am Main and Hamburg and Berlin.

half of the interference relates to the Internet

in addition to the mobile (T-Mobile), broadband Internet (T-Online), fixed-line telephony offers the Telekom their customers television (IPTV). According to “All faults” reported 49 percent of the customer outages in the Internet, 28 percent in fixed-network and 22 per cent in the case of mobile telephony.

Also in the Region of Hannover and Braunschweig show up the Problem. Customers reported, therefore, of a “total failure of Internet and telephone since 16 o’clock”. Many users went according to the “Haz” apparently similar. “Everything from. No phone, no Internet," complained another.

at night, the Telekom took to Twitter and Facebook position to the incident, where since then, numerous users report more disorders. “We are working to remedy the cause. A date for the rectification of the fault, we can’t mention just yet. Internet, telephony and television are affected by it. We ask you to please excuse the inconvenience," wrote the company.

Trouble in the social networks

On the official website of the company said: “In some cases, it helps to take the Router completely from the power and then restart.” Many users had done but apparently what they have said in the social networks. Use it fact mostly nothing.

in the social media Users expressed their Anger: “the whole day problems with our Internet. The Wi-Fi drops, then it’s back. Very annoying," wrote, for example, a user in the short message service Twitter.

Alone in the case of Facebook, over 800 User commented within an hour of the Post, and reported disorders. “Thanks a lot”, complained some, and others threatened to change service provider, the competition, or demanded refunds. The most posted, however, simply their affected zip-code area.

“the record for the longest #mannequin challenge”

In June 2016, had resulted in database problems are already a serious network outage at the Telekom. Cause a Problem with the Central database: The database error that led to the SIM-cards in mobile phones could not be checked whether they are valid, and which billing account they are assigned to.

Therefore, the customers failed with the Telecom the Post and into the net, and you only got the error message “No service” is displayed. The fault also affected the Telecom customers the goods with your mobile phone while abroad.

of Little help against the growing discontent of the customers: On Friday, the group had participated in the “model Challenge” and a funny meant Video of the current Internet Hype published. The people solidify dolls to the window. “Do you want to set a record for the longest #mannequin challenge? I want to have TV and Internet," complained a customer.


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