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Pilot strike Lufthansa: More than 50 flights from and to Tegel cancelled – daily mirror

At the airport Tegel is Wednesday at 9 am from 14. Pilot strike Lufthansa hardly notice something. Tourists and business people determined their Trolleys through the aisles, stand in the queues in front of the Check-In counters. Only when the switch of the Lufthansa yawning Void. The indicated on the road sign flights to Frankfurt, Munich and Cologne are all deleted. Where are the affected passengers?

At the airport in Tegel, you are not to be found, at least on Wednesday morning. The ground staff is surprised. The employees at the Lufthansa Ticket Desk told us he had set out this morning on the way to work on a busy day with lots of frustrated passengers. This is the usual scenario that he knew from the past strikes. “This sluggishness surprised me totally,” he says.

his colleague, little notice of the strike. You’ve had today morning only two of the affected passengers at the counter and give you a rail Voucher issued. But they, too, had been informed. “Maybe the passengers have been to many of the strikes used to.” Also on the Website of the Lufthansa passengers can obtain information on possible alternative routes and flights to rebook or cancel.

Almost 900 Lufthansa flights cancelled

Due to the pilots ‘ strike Lufthansa is cancelling this Thursday, hundreds of flights. 912 Compounds were affected, of which 82 are on long-haul flights, said the airline on Wednesday. On Wednesday already 876 flights had been cancelled. The company requested that the pilot Union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) again to arbitration. “The claim of the VC according to a pay increase of more than 20 percent of which goes far beyond what other groups of Employees,” said personnel chief Bettina Volkens a message.
More than 50 flights from and to Tegel are affected on Wednesday, according to the airport company by the strike. Lufthansa, according to the be 14. Pilot strike will fall on Wednesday in Germany, almost every second flight of the Lufthansa brand to the victim. Of the 876 strike due to canceled flights, 51 inter-continental connections. Around 100,000 passengers were affected, said the Airline. Overall, the Lufthansa brand comes to around 1800 flights per day. & #8220;2124 of about 3000 scheduled flights operated by the Lufthansa Group are to be held”, – stated in the message. This also includes flights to and from group companies are included that are not on strike, such as, for example, Brussels, Swiss, or AUA. Immediately after a hearing before the state labor court of Hesse, the pilot Union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC), expanded the meeting to two days. The court had previously rejected final a Express request of Lufthansa, the strike by injunction prohibit.

regarding the Thursday said VC Board member Joerg Handwerg said: “Once on Wednesday, nearly 900 flights on Lufthansa have been cancelled, are also affected this time, all Long – and short-range connections, which should depart at this time from Germany.” Thursday will continue the strike.

Lufthansa has criticized the extension of the strikes. You take “with a complete lack of understanding to the knowledge that the pilot’s Union Vereinigung Cockpit announced before the start of the strike on Wednesday, the next Thursday,” said the group in the night to Wednesday. “So that

Already 13 Times strike

The extension of the strike would be a further escalation by the Union of VC, which leads to even more uncertainty for the customer. Lufthansa had offered the VC, together with a mediation call. “If the Union of this search closes for a solution, caused a avoidable harm for all affected customers, and for the 115,000 colleagues in the Lufthansa Group.”

In the first instance had already spared the labour court in Frankfurt to an interference in the autonomy of collective bargaining: “We will not be allowed to withdraw tariff policy on our part of an assessment. On tariff policy, we are not allowed to, as a state court," said the presiding judge, Martin Becker during the negotiation. Lufthansa-lawyer Thomas Ubber had warned of further strikes, should allow the court the current labor dispute.

The pilots ‘ Union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) has been on strike in the ongoing dispute already 13 times. The last round was canceled in September 2015, after the national labour court of Hessen, a single Strike as unlawful was assessed. Since then, the VC had changed their negotiating tactics and on individual open collective topics. The cause of the current strike requirements to the content of the approximately 5400 pilots concerned.

the pilots are demanding pay increases of 22 percent

the pilots of The Airline had announced the strike on Monday. For the first time had been on strike in the ongoing labor dispute in April 2014. This Time it focuses solely on the collective salaries of approximately 5400 pilots of Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo and subsidiary Germanwings.

The pilot tariff increases of 22 percent of demand over a period of five years until April 2017. The pilot Union Vereinigung Cockpit had rejected on the previous Wednesday, as the company’s proposal to enter into a conciliation open salary negotiations. Also other collective subjects such as the transition pensions are still unresolved. The previous collective bargaining agreement expired at the end of April 2012, but with unchanged rate salaries.

“Lufthansa apologizes to all customers affected by this strike”, – stated in the message. A Special timetable for the strike period had been activated at noon on the website . “Lufthansa is working with all forces to provide customers with the best possible and, if possible, to other Airlines or means of transport to rebook.” At Tegel airport, it has remained at least steady. In the “Lufthansa World Shop” in the main hall waiting passengers seem to pass the time. The seller will take the opportunity to lead inventory. You say, you will also be in the morning on a relaxing day. a (with dpa, rtr)

strikes at Lufthansa and Eurowings

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