Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Volkswagen don’t want to be arrogant – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Volkswagen wants to be with its core brand from the year 2025, the global market leader in electric mobility. The VW brand Board of management Herbert Diess announced at the launch of the company’s strategy to “Transform 2025+” in Wolfsburg on Tuesday. “With Transform 2025+, we have initiated the biggest change process in the history of our brand,” he said. Volkswagen had to prepare themselves out of a difficult Situation for the fast and hard break in the industry and the loss of trust.

The strategy for the weak earnings of house brand to the Golf and the Passat, in addition to a shift in the topics of electric mobility and digitisation savings. VW needs to quickly become more competitive, otherwise it will aggravate the financial situation in the coming years, said Diess.

by 2025 at the Latest wool sale VW a Million electric cars per year, said Diess. The Expansion of electric mobility, Volkswagen is planning to the year 2020, nine electric and hybrid vehicle variants. “The ranges will improve significantly by 2020,” said Diess with views of the the criticized short range of today’s E-models. Also, the charging infrastructure for these vehicles will have greatly improved. The electric car will have good acceleration, the interior will in the future be able to be more generous. The E-Offensive will be financed inter alia by the elimination of less popular and low-yield models – 2.5 billion euros would be free. Also in the topics of digital networking, Autonomous Driving and mobility services, VW wants to play a pioneering role. By 2030, the exhaust gas crisis-stricken group wanted to be “the world leader in terms of auto mobility,” said Diess.

Thus, the tradition of the group changes again its course. After the rapid growth of the past years under the then group chief Martin Winterkorn, the wolf Burger had announced, under the pressure of the diesel scandal actually want from the target the size of say goodbye. This sounds different again: “We want to take advantage of the change, and Volkswagen decided to the top of the new automotive industry,” said Diess, since July of last year, the chief of the main brand, VW. “Volkswagen will change significantly in the coming years, only the very least things will stay as they are. The new strategy is, ultimately, a large transformation program."

Until Friday, VW announced the cancellation of up to 30,000 Digits, alone, with 23,000 of them in Germany. The costs are to be reduced by 2020 to 3.7 billion euros annually. For investment in electric mobility, connectivity and Autonomous Driving investments of around 3.5 billion Euro are planned in the coming years. Thus, the build-up of 9000 in the future areas.

The strategy involves three phases. After the restructuring of the core business, Volkswagen wants to become by 2020 the leading and more profitable volume manufacturer with an operating return on sales of four percent. 2025 a sold figure of one Million electric cars per year will be sought. The brand image in the United States, but also in Latin America were to be secured the car by significantly more SUV-site. Diess: “The brand has to become more accessible and more sympathetic, the arrogance belongs to the past.”

The SUV range is more than doubled. At the same time VW wants to streamline the variants. “In the past year, we have already taken around 15 000 component variants from the program.” Also, the engine range will be clearer. Regional should be available by 2020 in all major markets, the positive results. Diess: “In North America, we want to write a Comeback Story.”

In America-business plans VW an Offensive. “Volkswagen needs to develop in North America from a niche supplier to a relevant and profitable volume manufacturer,” said Diess. The Comeback should initiate sedans and large SUVs. Ab 2021 is to begin under the Motto “Electrify America” the local production of electric cars. The exhaust gas scandal had taken in the United States, and had charged VW hard.

In case of strict cost discipline, to write the American works, but also the locations in Latin America by 2020 back in the black. In South America has begun, especially in Argentina and Brazil, already a cost-saving program. At the same time,


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