Sunday, November 27, 2016

Post wants to expand the “air mail” letter carriers are soon to fly drones – NEWS

Sunday, 27. November 2016

Online trade is booming – especially at Christmas. More and more packages are shipped. To keep up, Post-Chef Appel in the delivery with drones. For the letter carrier, the soon: of flying hours and licence.


According to the Post chief Frank Appel, some of the postmen need may soon have a license to fly Drones. “If a letter carrier control drones, of course, you need a license for it,” said Appel of the “picture on Sunday”. There are no clear legal rules would be needed, so that no accidents happened.

it is not tested, use only for selected cases of application, for example, for drugs to be delivered to hard-to-reach places. But the research project for the post-delivery with drones will be further expanded, announced Appel. First successful pilot projects of the Post, for example, on the East Frisian Islands or in Bavaria.

“postman will be forever”

the Job of the letter carrier Appel makes, in spite of all the new features, no Worries. “Letter carriers will always be there,” he says. Not a robot am going to deliver in Germany letters. This could, for example, recognize that “where you have to ring the bell”. The letter carrier suffered more under the whole of classical problems: Of the more than 100,000 providers, according to Appel every year is still about 1500 bitten by dogs.

announced As the Post chief, should be the delivery of mail in the trunk expanded: “We offer the Smart in Stuttgart, and the customers are thrilled. More cities will follow, and then in North Rhine-Westphalia. You can also Return packages in the trunk of your car, the deliverer takes.”

Deutsche Post is already benefiting strongly from the continuously rising number of packages. Even if retailers such as Amazon eisteigen in the meantime, into the shipping business. Appel is not afraid of the new competition: “Amazon is an important Partner for us, and we for Amazon,” he said to the sheet.

More packages by Online trading

More about

Because of the growing Online trade, he expects in the future with a lot more package business. “The people will be in the future, increasingly, things of the daily needs such as fruits, vegetables, or milk at the doorstep, instead of driving to the supermarket”, he reiterated. “The food trade is an important business field for us.”

Already at the time of submission of the most recent quarter, the Deutsche Post of the Manager had said numbers, a further increase in package shipments in the next five to ten years before. The development of the shipping business is from whose point of view is also a Testament to the prosperity in the country: “The amount of packets that the Germans are economically very well. They are in order and in a buying mood.”

Christmas is the. The Post has more than 10,000 temporary workers to cope with the volume of shipments. “In comparison to the previous year, we expect ten percent more shipments,” said Appel. “In the days before Christmas eve, we are expecting more than eight million packages a day – twice as many as usual.” An Alternative to the reindeer sleigh is not drones, but certainly.




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