Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Donald Trump wants Steven Mnuchin as US Treasury Secretary – MIRROR ONLINE

In the election campaign raged Donald Trump on a daily basis with Wall Street. He berated bankers and traders. He is not mocked hedge Fund Manager will use that as a talent loose. He accused Goldman Sachs, “to deprive the working class”. He promised, “the swamp” – one of these Slogans, the nachjubelten his followers in chants.

And now this: trump’s designated Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin, the personalization exactly is this Wall Street is swamp.

Mnuchin, 53, is a Goldman Sachs Veteran. Later, he managed a hedge Fund that was skinning me unsuspecting investors. He scheffelte in addition, millions by putting homeowners on the street. Frequently it met the poor, the Old and minorities.

rich, distant, and ruthless

p is the man who will be in charge of the finances of the United States responsible for>The so. They call him “The Worst of Wall Street” or the “Anti-populists from hell” – exactly the opposite of Trumps Image. Better the hypocrisy of the Trump-Era hardly show.

free The resources from the System, the forgotten Americans who voted in droves for Trump, so that he may free you from your misery, be in for a surprise. As a recent Goldman-Sachs man coming in a Minister, Mnuchin is a representative of exactly this system, against which they rebelled in the presidential election: rich, caught up and ruthlessly.

As for Trump started Mnuchin everything with the father, Robert Mnuchin, was a successful Partner at Goldman Sachs. He rose to the very top, to the Management of the Wall Street Bank – and in the New York Society. He used his fortune to put in a gallery on the fine Upper East Side and in a Palace hotel in Connecticut.

The son followed in his footsteps. After studying at the Elite University Yale also Steven Mnuchin, in 1985, started working at Goldman Sachs. A total of Mnuchin’s earned $ 40 million at the investment Bank. He bought a luxury Apartment in the chic Park Avenue in a house that is well-known in New York as a “billionaire building”.

“He’s very talented,” said his then Boss, later also to the US Minister of Finance, carried Hank Paulson, the New York Times. “He has a deep understanding of Finance and markets.” Also, the current Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein is full of praise: “He is a clever, clever guy,” he said recently.

With the support of legendary Investor George Soros – the Trump, later, as a corrupt puppet masters, the Democrats, denounced – made Mnuchin finally, self-employed: He founded the hedge Fund Dune Capital Management, named after the sand dunes near his beach Villa in the Hamptons.

Dune is mainly due to Hollywood Deals known, the Fund financed a number of blockbuster movies, including “Avatar” and the “X-Men”series. Mnuchin was temporarily also the Co-head of the production company, Relativity Media, before they went Bankrupt.

Less glamorous, but all the more ruthless were the other shops Mnuchins. In 2009, his group of investors took over the failing IndyMac Bank. The California Bank was deeply involved in the sub-Prime mortgages scandal and the credit crisis collapses. Mnuchin paid far below their value, shifted a large part of the compensation for abgezockte house owners to the state and approved himself a seven-digit dividends.

Under the new Chairman Mnuchin, the umgetaufte OneWest Bank didn’t just lenient with your customers. On the contrary, you attracted numerous foreclosures brought by some defaulters to their existence.

The anger was so great that in October 2011, around 200 Occupy activists occupied the front yard of Mnuchins Villa in Bel Air, a posh district of Los Angeles. They fought for an employee who was threatened, although they are supervised at home their disabled mother from eviction, because she had missed a loan payment. “Steve Mnuchin and OneWest take away my dream,” she complained at the time. After all, The Bank modified the mortgage.

In the New York company, Mnuchin still as a benefactor. He is a regular guest at the great going to these fundraisers, sits in the boards of Charity organisations and was for a time Director of the famous Whitney Museum. In April of this year, Trump picked him as chief financial officer in his campaign team.

His Version of the charity may exercise the Mnuchin now at the highest point. About his political inclinations, little is known. He wanted to – what stimulate, otherwise – to the economy, he said the financial channel CNBC, Trump announced the nomination. To do this, he is aiming an economic growth rate of three to four percent. The engine will be the Trump-announced tax reform.

And who is to come, the advantage of these people leaves little doubt.


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