Thursday, November 24, 2016

Surprise eggs: Romanian justice is to examine child labour accusation – SPIEGEL ONLINE

The Romanian judiciary has launched investigations on suspicion of child labour in the production of kinder surprise eggs. However, there are doubts as to the report on the alleged slave labor.

children in Romania to have provided up to 13 hours a day “slave labour” in the production of kinder surprise eggs. The Romanian judiciary has included investigations. She was responding to a report in the British tabloid newspaper “The Sun”. The Affected self – a mother with two children between the ages of six and eleven years, rejected the allegations.

The “Sun” had reported on Monday that two children of a couple in Carei, in the North of Romania would have to fill the capsules up to 13 hours a day, small toys in Plastic, which are then used in the chocolate eggs of the Italian manufacturer Ferrero. The newspaper showed the mother Timea Jurj, and their children, an eleven-year-old boy and a six year old girl, in the midst of a bunch of small individual parts. The mother deserve the put Together of the toy of € 1.17 per hour, it said in the report.

In the investigations it is also suspected of trafficking in children, said the spokesperson for the organised crime, specialised prosecutors, Mihaela Porime, in Bucharest. The local authorities doubted the report of the British newspaper.

school principal Mariana Dragos said the Agency Agerpres, the children are regularly in school or in the Kindergarten. It was ruled out that they would be exploited or 13 hours a day worked.

The mother of the children, Timea Jurj, said she was working for a Romanian supplier of Ferrero. Your children have to do with it but nothing. “It was a production: The journalists have told the children how they are to be next to me,” she said on the report from the “Sun”.

manufacturer Ferrero showed to the Romanian channel Digi24 “saddened and concerned” about the allegations. The company announced a comprehensive investigation. In Romania, the authorities announced, to check whether Jurj is employed by the Ferrero suppliers legal.


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