Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Mnuchin and Ross: Trump appoints investment banker to mini-star – daily mirror

In the election campaign was one of the enemies of the financial elite to Donald trump’s Favorite – now of the future, the US President, of all things, a financial investor and an Ex-employee of investment Bank Goldman Sachs to Finance Minister – one of the key positions in the future Cabinet locking.

“We will pull the Wall Street accountable”, had Trump Bouncing in the election campaign. But since his election victory a lot for Trump quite different – so also his relationship to the world of Finance.

For the Post of Finance Minister to be appointed with Steven Mnuchin, a longtime Wall Street Insider. “I could not feel valued, to serve the future President,” said the 53-Year-old on Wednesday told reporters in New York full Show asked humility.

“First priority” is the implementation of trump’s tax plans, of which, according to experts, especially the super-rich are likely to benefit. Wall Street wants to lose weight Mnuchin the reins.

With Mnuchin to be entrusted with the finances of the largest economy in the world a man who was so far as hedge Fund managers, Hollywood film financier and investment banker. Government experience, he has no Trump.

Particularly spicy Mnuchins history is as an employee of the financial investor George Soros and investment house Goldman Sachs. Trump, the US had taken Bank previously violently.

Trump: “Our working class robbed”

In a choice spot attacked Trump, Goldman, and Soros is a generous party donor for the opposing Democrats – a symbol as the epitome of a “rigged system” and the cronyism between Wall Street and Washington politics, “has robbed our working class”. However, for this System, the future Minister of Finance.

Mnuchin, who was in the meantime also as a Hollywood financier, was particularly advised in the criticism, as he borrowers had the houses of more than 35,000 loans in the financial crisis, auction. As the son of a Goldman-Sachs partner and a graduate of the US ivy League Yale University, he has gone through a classic upper-class career.

As a Wall Street Insider Mnuchin, and acted already as the chief financial officer of the Trump campaign, not an isolated case in the government’s Trump. Billionaire Investor Wilbur Ross will be Minister of trade. The Private Equity specialist, is also one of the financial elite, and has amassed with his Deals a billion in assets. His business model was the redevelopment of kriselnder companies, mainly from the coal and steel industry.

There are, however, also an advocate, holding the 79-Year-old benefit to have in a state of crisis for the steel industry. The stricken workers had courted Trump in the election campaign.

it is Speculated, however, who will take up the important Post of foreign Minister in Trumps government. Furthermore, Mitt Romney for the office is traded. The Ex-presidential candidate of the Republicans, Barack Obama 2012 lost, met on Tuesday evening for talks with Trump, then he was full of praise for the incoming President.

That Trump attracts the super-rich business man whose fortune is estimated at $ 250 million, in consideration, is a further indication of how the Wind has turned to the election campaign. In March, he had been of Romney as an impostor and braggart that couldn’t do better to sell the people for stupid.

Trump had previously appointed a new Minister of transport, with a high wire to the Parliament. a (dpa)


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