Sunday, November 27, 2016

“Total loss of Internet and phone”: Telekom is fighting against massive interference – NEWS


Sunday, 27. November 2016

no more: no Internet, no phone, no TV – the telecommunications network is disrupted, but the extent is still unclear. The Anger of the customer will not be denied.

customers of Deutsche Telekom have been struggling since Sunday with a disruption of their connections. “It is a disturbance. The magnitude and extent are still unclear,” said a spokesman for the group. The problems continued on Sunday late evening, as the spokesman confirmed. He apologized to the customer for the inconvenience.

On his Facebook page, “Telekom helps” advised the company to disconnect the Router from the network. “In many cases, the problems are resolved.” Are affected, therefore, the Internet, telephony and television. It’ll work on fixing the cause, it said.

According to the “Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung”, it should be a nationwide fault. Particularly strong in the Ruhr area, the Region around Frankfurt am Main and Hamburg and Berlin are affected. Also in the Region of Hannover and Braunschweig, the Problem on that deck. Customers reported, therefore, of a “total failure of Internet and telephone since 16 o’clock”. The exact extent was not the speaker, also in the late evening clear.

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In the social media, many Users expressed their Anger: “the whole day problems with our Internet. The Wi-Fi drops, then it’s back. Very annoying,” wrote, for example, a user in Twitter. In June at the Deutsche Telekom, a massive failure of the mobile network. Basic a database error that had led to was that the Sim cards of the mobile phones could not be correct in the network Bay.




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