Wednesday, November 23, 2016

100 000 passengers affected | Lufthansa pilots to strike TODAY and tomorrow! IMAGE

hundreds of flights cancelled, around 100 000 affected passengers: The Lufthansa pilots back to the flight line since early Wednesday morning with your now 14. Strike a large part of the lame.

Also on Thursday, the strike will continue: Immediately after a hearing before the state labor court of Hesse, the pilot Union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC), expanded the meeting to two days.

The court had previously rejected the final request of Lufthansa, the strike by injunction prohibit.

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“Having been on Wednesday, nearly 900 flights on Lufthansa have been cancelled, are also affected this time, all Long – and short-range connections, which should depart at this time from Germany,” said the VC Board member Joerg Handwerg, in terms of the Thursday.

Which flights are affected?

Overall should be because of the since midnight the current strike action of about 880 flights, including on Wednesday 51 inter-continental flights.

the big Lufthansa-Frankfurt and Munich airports are affected.

A Lufthansa spokeswoman said in the Morning, the special flight plan to the course, as announced, there is no interference. However, about 100 000 passengers are expected to be affected.

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The strike is scheduled to continue for 48 hours after the pilots ‘ Union, extended the first, only until Wednesday announced recusal until Thursday at midnight.

► The Lufthansa spokeswoman that is being worked on because of this development already on the adjustments to the special flight plan for Thursday.

Overall, the Lufthansa brand to around 1800 flights per day. “2124 of about 3000 scheduled flights operated by the Lufthansa Group are to be held”, – stated in the message of the company from a Tuesday lunch. This also includes flights of the group are, however, included companies that are not on strike, such as, for example, Brussels, Swiss, or BOO-BOO.

Lufthansa wanted to strike from the court to prohibit

On Tuesday afternoon, the Lufthansa had submitted before the labour court in Frankfurt, a request for an injunction against the strike.

► However, the court shied away from intervention in the autonomy of collective bargaining: “We will not be allowed to withdraw tariff policy on our part of an assessment. On tariff policy, we are not allowed to, as a state court," said the presiding judge, Martin Becker during the negotiation. Also before the regional labour court, the Airline suffered on Wednesday night is a defeat.

► “Lufthansa takes note of the decision of the Hessian state labor court. We will now examine the reasons for the verdict," said the Airline. The company is ready at any time, the collective bargaining the Group bargaining Committee of the Association of the Cockpit.

had been canceled The last round of Negotiations in April 2014, has been running pay dispute in September 2015, after the national labour court of Hessen, a single Strike as unlawful assessed. Since then, the VC has changed its negotiating tactics, and to open collective bargaining topics.

Why there is a strike?

the cause of The current strikes are the only requirements to the content of the 5,400 affected pilots of Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo and subsidiary Germanwings.

► the Cockpit calls for the 5400 Lufthansa pilots backdated to 2012, a wage increase of 3.7 per cent in the year. Lufthansa offers 2.5 per cent over a period of six years./p>

The pilot’s request, overall, tariff increases of 22 per cent over a period of five years until April 2017.

► In addition, it goes into the Clinch to the old – age and early retirement supply to the pilot. The last strike 14 months ago, a court stopped.

The pilots ‘ Union had rejected on the previous Wednesday, as the company’s proposal to enter into a conciliation of the outstanding salary negotiations.

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    Above the clouds seems to be the greed is limitless! Again, the Lufthansa want to go on strike-pilots.

strikes cause damage amounting to millions of

The German airport Association ADV feared damage in the millions due to the strike of the Lufthansa pilots and cabin crew at Euro wings. The Airports are now more and more frequently the scene of collective bargaining, said ADV-chief Executive Ralph Beisel of the “New osnabrück newspaper”. “This development is unacceptable and goes far beyond what is sustainable.” The Airports were already in a “very difficult economic environment” and would be impacted by a strike-related flight cancellations unnecessary.


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