Monday, November 28, 2016

Strike of pilots of Lufthansa cancels another 1,700 flights – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

is likely to look like this, it is also Tuesday and Wednesday: A gaping Void at the Lufthansa check-in in Munich

Lufthansa says due to the ongoing pilots ‘ strike, hundreds of flights on Tuesday. 816 Connections, especially on the Short – and medium-haul flights would be cancelled, said Lufthansa on Monday. On Wednesday, 890 Connections on the Short-, medium -, and long-range were also. “Also strikes on Wednesday,” said a spokesperson for the Union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC), the German press Agency on Monday.

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The Lufthansa, meanwhile, failed in the attempt to stop the strike in court. The labour court of Munich rejected on Monday the appropriate Urgency of the company, as the court announced. Lufthansa have appealed immediately appeal. The complaint withdrew the legal representative of the group, however, on Monday evening, after a good hour of negotiations.

The airline also published for both days a special flight plan, and called on customers to inform themselves on the website about the Status of your booked flight or on the free Hotline 0800-8506070.

Because of the pilot strike had had to strike the Lufthansa in the last week, 2800 flights. The Vereinigung Cockpit had organized strikes from Wednesday to Saturday. Together with the other two Strikes this week, more than half a Million passengers will be affected, shared with Lufthansa.

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On Sunday evening called on the VC again to strike for Tuesday and Wednesday. Lufthansa head of personnel Bettina Volkens had called on the VC on Sunday via newspaper again to talks. “I very much hope that the Vereinigung Cockpit moves away from its intransigent attitude,” said Volkens of the “picture on Sunday”.

You have to find a compromise that both partners can live with. “This can’t be due to strike force.” An offer the group had rejected the pilots on the weekend. Lufthansa had proposed a Salary increase of 4.4 percent, a one-off payment of 1.8 monthly salaries and new hires. VC sees this as “not a negotiation offer.” It calls for tariff increases of 22 percent over the five years to April 2017.

The collective conflict began in April 2014. It is already the 14. Strike round of the pilot. In the six days of Strike since last Wednesday a total of more than 525.000 passengers from 4461 flight default are affected, according to Lufthansa.


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