Monday, November 21, 2016

Daimler shares are: euphoria, investors, and fear among the employees, The shareholders

On Monday can win the Daimler share something of value. The papers of the car manufacturer’s record just below the 6-month highs at 66.50 Euro. The jump about this brand, this would be a clear buy signal. While the recovery in the stock market continues, the change in the automotive industry, the employees Worry about their jobs.

does not affect the advance of the electric cars is likely to only be on the buying behavior of the customers. Also, the production of the car manufacturers will change. Especially the well-paid employees, producing combustion engines and their components, and threatens, under circumstances of the job loss. Michael Brecht, the works Council chief of the Daimler, has announced in an Interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that a common dialogue with the group was necessary. This shows that Daimler, the change challenges that are today still in sight means.

In the manufacture of electric motors, are not only required different skills than in the past. With the same number of pieces only one-seventh of the work would probably also scale left. Due to the current success of Daimler, the conventional car, but for the time being in focus. The most important question is how a smooth Transition can be achieved.

Daimler has well-positioned for the changes in the industry. The potential breakthrough of electric cars prepares to the group. In addition, it is positioned in the conventional cars shiny. A new 6-month High, would be the way to the top. Investors, on the outbreak. The stop rate is 58,50 Euro.


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