Sunday, November 27, 2016

Strike at Lufthansa on Tuesday and Wednesday –

The strike break is over – on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then, the pilot Union Cockpit wants to again throughout the day, the Short – and long-range strike. A quick solution in the deadlocked wage dispute is less likely than ever.

Lufthansa pilots resign after failed collective bargaining talks on Tuesday and Wednesday, the work again. The pilots ‘ Union Cockpit announced. On Tuesday to strike from 0.01 am to 23.59 PM the short-haul, all day on Wednesday the Short – and long-haul. The Cockpit justified the announcement of a short notice on top interview “have brought no result”.

in each case, all of the flights were to be affected connections to fly from her home in Germany. How many flights will be is not yet known. On the last strike days Lufthansa had responded with a special flight plans to the meeting.

On Sunday had appealed to the pilots after four days on strike first, strike pause. Also for Monday’s strike had been ruled out, therefore, the Lufthansa expected to operate in a normal flight. The strike-free Sunday, the passengers had felt the consequences of the four-day strike action still: The Lufthansa had to cancel after the conversion of your flight plan in the normal operation, after all, 35 flights, as a spokesman in Frankfurt said.

The pilots had already been on strike from Wednesday to Saturday at Lufthansa. Thousands of flights were, hundreds of thousands of passengers were affected.

only about the other strike planning uncertainty. As a solution to the deadlocked dispute between the pilot and the company could look like, is open.

Lufthansa head of personnel Bettina Volkens called on the VC to new conversations. The pilots of the airline, however, on – from their point of view – “negotiated offer”. On Friday, Lufthansa had launched a two-month-old offer again – the pilots refused to do it again, and spoke of a PR move on the part of the group.


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