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Strikes: strike of the pilots forcing Lufthansa again to hundreds of … THE WORLD

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Lufthansa machines in Munich

source: AFP

outrage over claims of forced arbitration

Die strike wave of pilots for Lufthansa, more and more to be a Disaster: you had to cancel for Friday once again, hundreds of flights, 315.000 passengers had to change to the three days of Strike since Wednesday your travel plans. But the fronts remained hardened, the pilot Union Vereinigung Cockpit declined arbitration. Receivables from the CDU to the mandatory arbitration received wide criticism.

unlike in the previous days, the strike will be limited on Friday, while on the Lufthansa Connections in Germany and Europe. Nevertheless, 830 machines must remain on the bottom again. Also, the length can be according to the Lufthansa occasionally haul flights – almost as an after-effect of previous strike days.

The airline, reserved, again, thousands of hotel rooms in the Rhine-Main area, as well as in and around Munich. Also

The Lufthansa called on the pilots ‘ Union to mediation of the dispute to higher wages. However, the positions are far apart.

the Cockpit requires, retroactively, as of may 2012, a year 3.66% more money. Through the long period of five years, the claim has totalled almost 20 per cent. Lufthansa offered last 2.5 percent more in salary – however, for each year.

the Cockpit spokesman Joerg Handwerg criticized, once again, that this increase “should be compensated in another place”. “That would be a zero round,” he told the “Ruhr Nachrichten”. The Management was not so far “to even recognize the willingness, in principle, to a fair salary adjustment”. As long as this does not change, a mediation “little sense”.

A spokesman for the Lufthansa pointed out that the pilots of each year a salary increase of an average of three percent. The term “zero-round” to meet the individual pilots. The outcome of tariff negotiations would have to be added accordingly to the automatic increase.

in view of the continuous strikes of the CDU called for-business wing, a law for the compulsory arbitration of collective fight. Needed it was now “urgently the possibility of compulsory arbitration,” said Union group Vice Michael Fuchs (CDU), the “image” of Thursday. Federal labour Minister Andrea Nahles (SPD) is now “required to act accordingly”.

Nahles’ Ministry rejected the proposal. A legal arrangement of state compulsory arbitration would massively intervene in the autonomy of collective bargaining and “in conflict with the state’s obligation of Neutrality in the case of collective disputes”, a spokesman said.

The Green-politician, Beate Müller-Gemmeke defended the right to strike as a “high Good”. The trade unions have the right to take “to negotiate eye-to-eye fair collective agreements”, “more than brazen”. The Left-politician Jutta Krell man said, who will take the collective commitment seriously, it could not require “forced laws” that restricted the fundamental right to strike.


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