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Collective conflict – Lufthansa pilots to strike on Wednesday – Süddeutsche.de


  • The pilots of Lufthansa make good on her threat and go on strike.
  • are Affected in the Short – and long-haul flights. The crews are demanding salary increases of 20 per cent.
  • the core of the conflict are not the salaries, but the structure of the cheap division of Eurowings.

The pilots of Lufthansa your threat and strike back. The Union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) called on its members for the coming Wednesday to a day-long walkout in the biggest German airline. Are affected in both the Short and long-range connections.

The crews are calling for around 20 percent higher wages, the company, however, offers only 2.5 percent. The pilots justify the high claim that the content of the collective agreement is for five years and you don’t have to get it in this time, more money. However, the content of each Lufthansa pilots automatically increases each year by three percent, if this moves on to the next seniority level.

What rights do passengers have to fail

How many flights, was on Monday night still unclear. Lufthansa is preparing a strike notice in a Notflugplan, which includes only the Compounds that can be safely carried out. In General, they tried as many flights as possible to maintain, in which your guests not to other means of transport or the competition to be able to Dodge.

passengers have the right to be the airline taken care of. Lufthansa must also make hotel rooms ready, they should be able to passengers on Wednesday not to carry. In the case of short-haul flights are a delay of two hours in services such as drinks and food due and payable, including phone calls, must allow for the Airline. Who advanced editions, you must then submit receipts to recover his money.

compensations are provided according to a European Commission regulation in General, in the event of delays of three hours or more, but not in the case of strikes. Because this is normally considered to be extraordinary circumstance. The Airline must have taken all reasonable measures to minimize the consequences of the strike for passengers.

The passengers are on strike now

this Wednesday want to know the Lufthansa pilots. How do I yet to your destination? And I must still be on time at the airport? more … questions and answers

Expansion of the cheap division is the core of the conflict

The Union justified its action by saying that the Lufthansa had not submitted a final offer, but in the recent rounds of negotiations “back” moves. Salary increases would be associated with counter-claims that have led the discussions “ad absurdum”.

Lufthansa called the strike notice as the “wrong way.” Lufthansa had repeatedly offered mediation. That the VC had refused to do, pointing that it will be your responsibility as a collective partner. The special flight plan as soon as possible published on the website www.lh.com .

The pilots have been on strike since the beginning of 2014, thirteen Times. The core of the conflict, not the salaries, but the structure of the cheap division of eurowings. From January until the end of July, the two sides had tried to solve all open questions in a large agreement. Ultimately, the talks had failed, but questions of detail in terms of the Euro wings again.

Ryanair flies to in the future, Frankfurt Main

third With their presence at Europe’s largest airport makes Ryanair Lufthansa at its home base competition. more …


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