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What the pilots go on strike, really – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

For passengers of the Lufthansa group, it is thick: After the strike-related flight cancellations by flight attendants cheap flight platform Euro wings on the day before the 5400 pilots of the parent company will continue this Wednesday for their work battle. Of the at least one-day strike all the Short – and long-range Connections of Lufthansa to be affected, announced the industry’s Union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC).

Ulrich Friese author: Ulrich Friese, editor of the economy.

The recent protest action, the continuation of a series of 13 pilot strike, 14 months ago, before the country work is ended in court (LAG) in the state of Hesse. At that time the judge had declared the labor disputes, Lufthansa pilots to be illegal, because it went from the VC to the contentious issues of the current collective conflict, such as more content or the revision of old – age and occupational pensions.

Rather, did the representative of the VC, which represents the majority of Lufthansa’s pilots, to the public no secret of the fact that their resistance against the ongoing restructuring of the Lufthansa group, is a large part of Europe was to transfer traffic to the newly created eurowings group. The cost of the new subsidiary are to be to 40 percent below those of the parent company, which entails corresponding savings in pay and pensions for the flying personnel.

According to the current verdict of the country’s labour court, the VC is allowed to justify its strikes in the future only with the issues of the current collective conflict (salary, pension). The much-criticised structure of the Euro wings is not one of them. The fronts are round after the recent series of Strikes, the VC and a series of failed talks according to harden, the reports of the participants of the negotiations.

Allegedly, is considering the Management, according to information from FAZ.NET to confront the VC with a claim for damages in the millions, which is the result of a labor dispute two years ago, the subsidiary Lufthansa Cargo. You have not been put on ice, to encumber the ongoing negotiations between the two parties.

After their latest defeat in front of the labour court, the trade unionists for their work, the fight officially, the demand for more content. Specifically, it is for the 5400 pilots of Lufthansa, a wage increase of 3.7 per cent in the year to effect retroactive as of the year 2012 paid.

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Not included in this requirement is the fact that the pilots, with an average annual salary of around 120,000 euros traditionally one of the top earners in the group, already granted an automatic pay increase of 3 per cent., the usual price to compensate for increases in the cost of living is contributions, of course.

The requested wage increase, which – being based on the past five years – an overall increase of 22 per cent, and in the case of some of Lufthansa employees in the Cockpit so that the monthly gross salary of a flight attendant represents, keep the VC representative for appropriate. You make a reference to the recent salary increase of the Lufthansa management Board members of up to 30 percent and an annual profit in the billions, flowing for the most part in the modernization of the outdated Lufthansa fleet.

the Manager of the Lufthansa therefore, the requirement of VC for plated. They offer, instead, a wage increase of 2.5 percent over a period of six years.


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