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Pilots go on strike without Limit – THE WORLD

date: 25.11.2016 | Reading time: 2 minutes

Lufthansa and its staff have wedged. Could help just a Simple

Lto benefit the strike, and no end to the pilots and businesses to come together after the re-expansion of the labor struggle on now for four days still. Many observers want the use of a conciliator. More likely to be a further extension of the strike in the season of Advent into it.

How long want to go on strike, the pilots?

the Union Association Cockpit (VC) says. According to the spokesman Jörg Handwerg, there is no fixed end. From this we can conclude that the VC will extend the strike for the time being again and again a day in order to force the company an improved wage offer. For the coming Wednesday, the VC has signed a pilot Demonstration at the Frankfurt airport.

Why pilots and Lufthansa come together?

Since the beginning of the conflict, the Background to the future strategic orientation of the Lufthansa group, most aviation experts agree. Initially, the VC had still communicating clearly that you want to prevent the rapid Expansion of low-cost subsidiary Eurowings, with lower-paid pilots. But this is precisely the Lufthansa-Chef Carsten Spohr sees the only way to counter low-cost airlines to the military.

Why is now spoken only about the salaries?

This depends on the judgment of the labour court of Hessen in September 2015, which had kept the VC at the strike of round 13 in the Euro wings to strike question is illegal for non-tariff enabled themes. The VC has drawn the conclusion, to formulate officially only claims for narrowly defined set of collective topics. In addition to the salary and collective agreements to the operation of pensions and the transition of supply are open.

What’s the strike for?

In the case of a strike on all routes, Lufthansa is making a loss of around ten million euros per day. In the process, you come to the words of the Executive Board Harry Hohmeister located in the off-season, not so many customers are on the go. But there is also a noticeable restraint in the medium-term bookings, the stock market increasingly alarmed.

look Like could be a solution?

solutions can only be at the negotiating table found, possibly under the guidance of a conciliator. He could turn to the currently more than content topic or in the framework of an Overall settlement to treat all open tariff issues. Both options proposed by the Lufthansa in this year already, without the VC would have consented to it. The disadvantage of a protracted arbitration from the point of view of the VC: Lufthansa is currently in a high Tempo the facts in the case of eurowings, which is to be doubled with a rented Air-Berlin-jet and machinery of the subsidiary Brussels.


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