Friday, November 25, 2016

New offer for the Lufthansa-pilots – Handelsblatt

Lufthansa-strike: “there is No prospect of agreement”

Frankfurt/BerlinThe Lufthansa pilots have the most recent tariff offer of the Lufthansa rejected. A spokesman for the pilot Union Vereinigung Cockpit said on Friday evening the German press Agency. Thus, a convergence in the tough conflict between the Airline and its pilots is not in sight. With regard to the customer, it will give but on Sunday, not a strike of the pilots. It remains, however, that on Saturday as the fourth day of the strike again 137 flights cancelled. Lufthansa had declared a few hours earlier to pick up the pilots with a renewed offer back to the negotiating table.

From the point of view of the pilots the offer of the airline is, however, insufficient and, in addition, already the subject of discussions. “This is old wine in new bottles,” said a VC spokesman. The contents of the offer have not placed Lufthansa, is already two months ago, on the table, in truth, it’s going to be a new offer. The Airline had made the afternoon an offer that contains, in addition to higher salaries and Jobgarantien also solution proposals for more open, collective topics. In particular, the range was 4.4 percent salary increases in two stages by mid-2018.

since 2012, a loss of increases, pilots should also receive a one-off payment of 1.8 monthly salaries, which could in some cases be up to 24 000 Euro. To date, the company had offered 2.5 percent, and the pilots 22 percent required for a shorter period of time. More important still, the statements appeared to the professional perspectives of the approximately 5400 pilots, who are paid according to the consolidated collective agreement (KTV). Up to the year 2021 alone KTV-pilots 330 Lufthansa should be allowed to fly Jets.

again and again strikes at Lufthansa and their daughters

  • the captains of the Lufthansa lay down several times the work. From the first strike, several thousand Connections are affected. At the end of the pilot Union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) is riding its first collective bargaining agreement. (Source: REUTERS)

  • The ground and cabin staff at Lufthansa are on strike for five days. Several hundred flights. The Verdi trade Union and the company agree in the end on higher salaries.

  • The flight attendants ‘ Union Ufo caused the largest loss of a single strike in the history of Lufthansa. Around 1000 flights are cancelled, it hits over 100,000 passengers. Both sides choose mediation.

  • A warning strike of the ground staff places the air traffic of Lufthansa in Germany for almost lame. The Airline estimated that around 150,000 passengers are affected. In may Dating Verdi and the group then stepped pay increases and job protection.

  • the Start of a series of Strikes, now 13 rounds of the Lufthansa pilots. Beginning approximately 3800 flights. It comes to transition, pensions, salary, pension, and in the Background on the low-cost subsidiary Euro wings./p>

  • The pilots explain the in may started arbitration for failed. Three weeks later, they offer Lufthansa savings of about 400 million euros, in order to prevent Job relocation.

  • route 16-hour strike on long, and on the following day, also on the Short – and medium-haul routes. The Hessen land labour court declared the strike illegal, because the VC collective track foreign targets.

  • The flight attendants ‘ Union Ufo will start a week-long strike of Lufthansa’s cabin staff. The conflict is finally resolved by the SPD politician Matthias Platzeck.

  • Ufo calls for eurowings and Germanwings cabin crew to a 24-hour strike.

  • Ufo-down members at the sites in Düsseldorf and Hamburg, the work.

  • After negotiations over compensation failed of approximately 5400 pilots of the core company Lufthansa and subsidiary Germanwings, the VC again to strike.

the other open-ended collective issues such as the operation and transition pensions should be solved in the new negotiations, possibly with the assistance of a mediator. “As a mediation on the part of the VC, unfortunately, so far, categorically excluded, I would like to take with the VC of this opportunity, in order to overcome the existing trenches,” said head of personnel, Bettina Volkens, according to a message. It won’t come so soon. The pilots demanded again, a significantly revised offer.

Earlier, the VC in since Wednesday current 14. Strike round increased the pressure on the company. A the end of the fight was not foreseeable, as long as Lufthansa is the national no improved offer had VC spokesman Jörg Handwerg of the German press-Agency in the Morning. There is no predetermined end date for the strike. On Sunday but I will not strike out of consideration for the customer.

For the Saturday, Lufthansa said first 137 flights, including 88 Intercontinental Connections. Be affected around 30,000 passengers, so that the total pay for this 14. Strike round of pilots to 2755 failed flights with 345 000 customers affected increase. Nevertheless, the Lufthansa group is able to offer on Saturday 2863 3000 scheduled flights. Flights of budget airlines, Eurowings and Germanwings, as well as of the group companies, AUA, Swiss, Brussels, Air Dolomiti will not be on strike again on Saturday.

On Friday, were due to the strike 830 Lufthansa flights. All domestic German and European flights, along with more than 100 000 passengers, Lufthansa said. The long-haul routes would, however, “to start virtually on schedule”. Occasionally,


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