Monday, November 28, 2016

Lufthansa wants to fly again according to Plan – THE WORLD

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strike parties are at least willing to talk

Lto benefit-customers can only breathe a sigh of relief. The Airline wants to return with the start of the week to your normal flight plan and all of the Connections as intended. A call for a strike by the pilot Union Vereinigung Cockpit has announced on Sunday. Meanwhile, nourish both parties. Lufthansa personnel chief Bettina Volkens Cockpit called on to come in contact with the company. New conversations does not want to close the Cockpit. “As the labor dispute continues, it will show today in the course of a day,” said a Union spokesman, on Sunday. If Lufthansa wanted to go back to the negotiating mode, should a new wage offer.

In the case of the recent Initiative of the management of Friday the Cockpit was disturbed, especially, that in addition to the wage increase at the same time, savings of the 5400 pilots were required. “That is the principle right pocket, left pocket.” If you do not sit back to the negotiating table in the coming days, further strikes, and threatened the Cockpit speaker. The pilots had resigned since Wednesday. In four days of Strike until Saturday evening around 350,000 passengers missed their flight.

The Lufthansa had tried on Friday to move the pilots with a “total solution” to relent: For 2016, there should be retroactively 2.4 percent more money for 2017 with a further 2.0 per cent, to a one-off payment of 1.8 monthly salaries. The collective agreement is due to run until mid-2018. In return, the Lufthansa calls, however, for a supplementary pensions. The pilots should be content in the future, with a commitment for the contributions to the pension plan.

the Cockpit calls for 3.7 percent more per year – including payments for four years. The pilots, with average salaries of around 140,000 Euro in the year of the big earners in the group. The dispute with the pilots at risk is a Central project of Lufthansa-Chef Carsten Spohr. He had promised to his office two and half years ago, to control the numerous strike-ridden Airline back into calm waters. For the first time, the 5400 pilots had been on strike in the ongoing labor dispute in April 2014. Since then, they laid the 120,000 people who make up the group 14 Times lame. Lufthansa estimates the losses of the strike tags on tens of millions of euros. Add to this the losses due to clients booking due to the strike risk of the same elsewhere.


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