Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Emergency and flight cancellations, pilots will plunge Lufthansa strike chaos – THE WORLD

FFrankfurt/Main – The pilot strike at Lufthansa will now take up to and including Friday, and is hitting hundreds of thousands of passengers. At the end of the first strike day, the Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) put in the evening and extended the strike to three days.

On Friday would be all day strike for short-haul flights from Germany start, informed the VC in Frankfurt.

Lufthansa announced a special flight schedule for the Friday. He’ll be ready by noon on a Thursday, it said. Affected inner-German and European Connections, long-haul flights would start on schedule. The further extension of the strike action have taken you “a complete lack of understanding”. All customers should inform themselves before getting to the airport on about the Status of your flight.

“The Lufthansa Management still shows no movement and has sent a negotiating offer,” said Cockpit spokesman Jörg Handwerg, the re-extension. “The Board not only its own employees, but also customers, increasingly, under this no-compromise companies are suffering from a policy.”

Because the pilots ‘ Union had extended its started today recusal previously 24 hours, on Thursday 912 Compounds, including 82 long-haul routes, the company said. Today 876 flights strike had been cancelled due to. On both days 215 000 passengers were affected. Now, Friday is added as the third day of the strike, the exact impact for the passengers were at first unclear.

Lufthansa is reserved for stranded customers according to their own information in the Rhine-Main area and in the area of Munich as a precaution, nearly 4,000 hotel rooms. For passengers who are not permitted to enter due to a lack of visas to Germany, had been constructed in the Frankfurt Terminal, in addition, around 400 beds. Many of the passengers could be rebooked or came by rail to your destination.

The group urged the pilots ‘ Union again to arbitration. “The claim of the VC according to a pay increase of more than 20 percent of which goes far beyond what other groups of Employees,” said personnel chief Bettina Volkens.

The deletions correspond to approximately half of the flight program, the core Lufthansa brand. In the entire Lufthansa group, 2088 were to be held on Thursday of about 3,000 scheduled flights, the company said. Group companies such as Swiss, AUA, or Eurowings will not be strike by the pilots currently.

in The VC organised pilots had the flight line since the night with 14. Streikzum majority of paralyzed. The Union defended on Friday extended the recusal. “We have been decoupled from wage developments in Germany in the last five years, and since we do not want to watch longer,” said Handwerg in the ZDF.

The Lufthansa in return, the VC under financial pressure. In the meantime dormant for damages-action brought by more than 60 million euros will now be followed, said a spokesman in Frankfurt. The claim refers to the first strike round in the current collective labor dispute in April 2014, which will be assessed by the company as non-lawful. Lufthansa had the lawsuit to rest, not to burden the on-going talks with the Vereinigung Cockpit. This has been done with the current strike.

An arbitration has rejected the VC repeatedly. The pilots had offered the Airline zuletztein wage increase of 2.5 per cent until the end of 2018.”From our perspective, this is not a serious offer,” said Handwerg. The VC tariff increases required by 22 per cent over the shorter period of five years until April 2017. The Union points out, that goes in 2012, gave no salary increase, while the company had retracted billions in profits.

Lufthansa-Chef Carsten Spohr had estimated the loss per day of the strike to an amount in the upper single-digit million range. On far higher Pay, the employer near Institute of the German economy (IW), the proceeds of around 25 million euros of costs.

the Association of The German tourism industry (BTW) has criticized the tough stance of the VC. “The past years have proven that the air is just for the European Traditional Airlines slim”, said BTW-Secretary-General Michael Raven. “By the pilot exacerbate this by their constant strikes even saw a massive always more on the Branch on which you sit.”



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