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Lufthansa pilots to strike without Limit – THE WORLD

FFrankfurt/Main – Lufthansa-strike and no end: pilots and businesses to come together after the re-expansion of the labor struggle on now for four days still.

Many observers from the political and professional world require the use of a conciliator, so far rejected by the Union Vereinigung Cockpit, but consistently. It is also a comprehensive range of Lufthansa has changed to a plurality of collective subjects. Even if the VC is not extended their strike on Sunday: more Likely than a conciliation, a re-strike in the advent of time.

How often want to go on strike, the pilots?

This is not to say the trade Union VC. According to the spokesman Jörg Handwerg an end to the current 14, but on Sunday only once. Shaft, but only out of consideration for the passengers. With the offer of Lufthansa that have nothing to do. This is “old wine in new hoses”, and was presented in detail two months ago in public. At that time, the VC had broken off the soundings for a total solution. In principle, you expect an improved pay offer from Lufthansa, other strikes were by no means excluded. For the coming Wednesday, the VC has signed a pilot Demonstration at the Frankfurt airport.

Why not come together pilots and Lufthansa?

Since the beginning of the conflict, the Background to the future strategic orientation of the Lufthansa group, most aviation experts agree. Initially, the VC had still communicating clearly that you want to prevent the rapid Expansion of low-cost subsidiary Eurowings, with lower-paid pilots. But this is precisely the Lufthansa-Chef Carsten Spohr sees the only way to put up against low-cost airlines such as Ryanair and Easyjet. The Lufthansa group wants to stay in his tribe’s territory (Germany-Switzerland-Austria-Belgium) in the European flights market leader. It was to Lufthansa’s costs, so that the VC claim is endangering directly the future of the group. The Lufthansa deal to say nothing.

Why is now spoken only about the salaries?

This depends on the judgment of the regional labour court of Hesse in September 2015, which had kept the VC in the strike round 13, to strike in the Eurowings question is illegal for non-tariff enabled themes. The VC has drawn the conclusion, to formulate officially only claims for narrowly defined set of collective topics. In addition to the salary and collective agreements to the operation of pensions and the transition of supply are open. Also, for these topics could be a strike. In fact, it is enabled the VC to make your battle legally unassailable: Lufthansa is failed with the appropriate actions.

What is the cost of the strike and how long the Lufthansa can take it?

In the case of a strike on all routes, Lufthansa is making a loss of around 10 million euros per day. In the process, you come to the words of the Executive Board Harry Hohmeister located in the off-season, not so many customers are on the go. But there is also a noticeable restraint in the medium-term bookings, the stock market increasingly alarmed. Since the first strike notice from Monday, the papers of the DAX-listed group have lost 2.5 percent. Since it is from his point of view, but the future viability of the group, is also an impossible Spohr is a very long breath. Lufthansa has delivered in the past financial year, a record profit and also 2016 is not bad.

How could a solution look like?

solutions can only be at the negotiating table found, possibly under the guidance of a conciliator. He could turn to the currently more than content topic or in the framework of an Overall settlement to treat all open tariff issues. Both options proposed by the Lufthansa this week, without the VC would have consented to it. Month-long consultations to the 13. Strike round had included the eurowings question, but this has also meant not-for-profit. Especially a large mutual distrust prevailed, because the intermediate results are always questioned, or from the table were taken. That speaks to evaluation of the IW-tariff experts, Hagen Lesch very much for the use of a neutral mediator. The disadvantage of a protracted arbitration from the point of view of the VC: Lufthansa is currently in a high Tempo the facts in the case of eurowings, which is to be doubled with a rented Air-Berlin-jet and machinery of the subsidiary Brussels.

there Could be a forced arbitration?

resolved by the CDU business wing want forced Tung, there is not, under German law, because you would interfere in the concerns of the constitutionally-protected collective bargaining. In the Weimar Republic, had been introduced after the great strike waves in 1923, a state-controlled compulsory arbitration, which allowed the Minister of labour the last word. Now, a law is required to draft the labour Minister Andrea Nahles (SPD), says Union group Vice Michael Fuchs. But obviously sees no need for action, and would find no restraint in the trade unions. “The autonomy of collective bargaining, and therefore, it is left to the social partners to find a solution,” said a spokesman for the Minister of economic Affairs Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) on Friday in Berlin.

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