Friday, November 4, 2016

Facebook – the Munich public Prosecutor’s office determined against Mark Zuckerberg – Sü

The display is against the Facebook CEO and other senior managers of the company. Amongst other things, to aid to sedition.

John Boie and Christian Rost

The public Prosecutor’s office Munich I, is investigating Facebook, on suspicion of sedition. The target of the investigation, among other things, the founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and Sheryl Sandberg, but also against the German, Eva-Maria, cherry sieper, which operates in Berlin, lobbying for the group, and Richard Allan, the chief lobbyist in Europe

The procedure goes back to a display of the würzburg lawyer Chan-jo Jun. He had collected 438 legally unambiguous Statements, including, in particular, incitement against refugees, those of Facebook users was threatened with murder. Jun reported to the group on the content and then checked whether Facebook deleted the Comments. In an Excel file, the lawyer noted in detail the failure of the group.

in terms of Content, it’s murder calls, threats of violence, Holocaust denial. Facebook’s spokeswoman Tina Kulow said on enquiry, the allegations were not insubstantial, since Facebook is in breach of German law. It is also one of the people that showed up in Jun at the Prosecutor’s office. Jun’s firm, according to the Hamburg Prosecutor’s office should be in the procedures involved. The Munich public Prosecutor’s office is examining according to its own information, whether it is locally responsible and whether German criminal law can find application. First of all, the mirror had reported on the investigation.

Facebook not or to slowly delete illegal entries

The investigations follow numerous media reports, the show for months on Facebook daily criminal Utterances occur – and without further consequences. The group pulls back to the Position to remove the appropriate entries “to the knowledge”.

Numerous Test does not show, however, that Facebook enough to their own standards. A government-initiated Test, for example, shows that Facebook deletes only 46 per cent of criminal content within 24 hours after acceptance. So incitement to hatred and violence, or even pornography, which is prohibited for young people to reach platform actually also remain, in many cases, on Facebook online.

The group employs according to their own information employees of the service company, Arvato in Berlin, to delete ultimate content. However, the group does not specify how many content will be deleted. Facebook’s behavior comes across as a criticism, because the group fails often to remove criminal content, but at the same time regularly, which is not a crime texts, images, and Videos without the need for detailed reasons for deletes.

Controversial concept of the “counter-speech”

the Last was the Federal Minister of justice Heiko Maas on 26. September, a summit of representatives, as Richard Allan, officials of his Ministry and EU Commissioner Věra Jourová will meet between Group initiated. While lawyers invaded, to delete illegal content quickly, put Facebook at the Meeting, especially with civil society organizations developed ideas on how the approach of the “counter-speech”, the user is encouraged to be against baiting in the network.

The concept is not controversial, because it distinguishes between illegal content such as incitement to hatred and non – criminal Expressions. Furthermore, experts criticise that the concept where people talk online constantly, especially Facebook self-benefit, because the platform is used more.


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