Friday, November 4, 2016

Deutsche Bahn, Rüdiger Grube will stop exchange plans – MIRROR ONLINE

it is Now official: The railway does not want to bring your group daughters Arriva and Schenker now for the time being, but to the stock market. The Board will, to the Supervisory Board at the meeting on 14. December say, “we can’t recommend on the Basis of the current assessment is that an IPO”, said CEO Rüdiger Grube, the German press Agency.

the Background is the vote of the British leaving the EU of their country. The railway wanted to bring up to 45 percent of its British subsidiary Arriva on the London stock exchange. Together with the partial sale of the international logistics division Schenker, the additional 4.5 billion euros should contribute for a large-scale investment program.

“With the Brexit, the world has changed, unfortunately, is fundamentally”, said pit, and referred to the devaluation of the British pound. “We would so throw money out the window – and such an Act would be foolish.”

billion from the German state of

A role in the decision is also a financial injection plays in the amount of 2.4 billion Euro for the train, announced by the Federal government in September. The state company is to receive one billion Euro for its capital, also the Federal government wants to dispense in the next four years on each of 350 million euros of his annual dividend from the train. In addition, the budget Committee of the Bundestag will decide on Thursday next week.

The railway is not in need of additional money, in spite of investments of EUR 55 billion in the next five years, debts run out of control. Of the total, the Federal government is 35 billion euros. The debt layers of the web by the end of 2015 at 17.5 billion Euro. “About 20 billion euros are here, the upper limit,” said pit.

The IPOs of Arriva and Schenker were not comparable with that, which failed in the autumn of 2008 the financial market turmoil around the Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers. The time should be silver plated up to 24.9 per cent of the fields of passenger and freight traffic. This was established specifically to the sub-group DB Mobility Logistics, the railway has now resolved.


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