Sunday, November 20, 2016

VW-Chef Müller irritated by the customer – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Volkswagen CEO Matthias Müller has irritated with statements to the diesel scandal, the customer, and protests from consumer activists provoked. In the “Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper” had justified the Chairman of the Board of the automotive group, and why the rigged engines affected customers in Europe to be treated worse than in America.

Georg Meck author: Georg Meck, Deputy head of the economy and the “money & More” the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

“You can’t have the scissors over a comb, because the initial situation is completely different,” said Müller. “The customers in Europe is not a disadvantage, neither the consumption nor the handling characteristics. And if I may add: On the one hand, many criticize the American legislation in other contexts, see TTIP. But when it comes to draw benefits from it, seems to be the American right to be the right way."

If the German customers feel at a disadvantage, he could understand the “emotional,” added Müller, legal and regulatory circumstances are in this country, but completely different than in America: “In America, we for 2.0 will not be able to meet Liter TDI vehicles after the recall, the much more stringent emission values 100 percent. This is not the case for our customers in Europe."

Miller rates triggered a social media storm of protest. “Cocky” and “arrogant” is the attitude of the VW group, commented a reader on FAZ.NET. Klaus Müller, Executive Director of the consumer Federation tweeted on Sunday: “It’s depressing and embarrassing, like the VW boss berates his customers, who wanted to leave on good quality.”

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Harsh talk, also Miller’s theses produce for the lack of success of electric mobility in Germany. In the F. A. S. Interview, the Manager defended himself against accusations from the Eco-movement, the German car industry have slept through the electro-mobility and accused in return the customers with an inconsistent behavior: “On offer it, but at the demand of the lack: On the one hand, think and act in a lot of German in everyday life, green when mobility comes to E -, we have, as a consumer tip of Finger. So I have this paradoxical phenomenon is not understood yet."

Green party politician Renate Künast criticized this statement of the VW leaders on Sunday as a “naughty”: “No affordable electric cars, no charging stations, but not the buyer criticize.”

The problems that hinder the success of E-mobility, will eliminate the car industry quickly, Mr. Müller announced. In the foreseeable future more sold cars than nitro. “Whether that will be in 2025, 2030 or 2035, I don’t know,” said VW chief. He acknowledged that is not accounted for, who will retain in the future the upper hand – whether the traditional automobile industry or the attacker from the Silicon Valley. Conversations about partnerships with Apple and Google, he got canceled, because VW should have those subordinate to, said Mueller.


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