Sunday, November 20, 2016

VW-Chef Müller accuses German of the inconsistency of the wolf Burger General

Wolfsburg. On the topic of E-mobility of the motorists in Germany behave according to the view of VW-boss Matthias Müller inconsistent. “On the one hand, think and act in a lot of German in everyday life, green when mobility comes to E -, we have, as a consumer tip of Finger. So I have this paradoxical phenomenon is not understood yet,” said Müller of the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung” (F. A. S.). Furthermore, he refuted allegations against the industry: “The auto industry has since slept through anything. On offer it’s not, but the demand is lacking."

“drop The prices”

Müller was confident that in a few years, more electric cars are bought. “The prices will drop, the range increases, the charging time is shorter – all the points that have hindered the success of E-mobility so far.”

E-mobility is also playing in the VW”future Pact” that had been presented to the Executive Board and the works Council on Friday, a Central role. The diesel scandal beleaguered car maker should be “also in the area of electric mobility to the world’s leading volume manufacturer,” it said in an internal information letter to the employees.

Müller fought back against criticism that the group’s car to pay the owner in Europe in the Wake of the diesel scandal, unlike in the United States. The Situation could be “scissors over a comb,” said the Manager. “The customers in Europe is not a disadvantage, neither the consumption nor the handling characteristics.” Both “the legal and regulatory circumstances” in the United States is completely different. “Emotional” he could understand the Anger of customers and consumer protection groups.

tens of thousands of jobs will disappear

The VW chief also defended the removal of tens of thousands of Bodies in the framework of the “Zukunftspakts”. “The Volkswagen group and, in particular, the VW brand has set the fat in the success years. Therefore, there needs to be a diet that we take now." The management Board and the works Council had agreed on a socially acceptable reduction without layoffs. Worldwide, 30,000 Digits are to be deleted, up to 23,000 in Germany. Because 9000 new Jobs should be created, it goes under the dash to 14,000 jobs eliminated.

support came from the VW Supervisory Board, Wolfgang Porsche. “It all knew, that something needs to happen,” said VW’s big shareholder in the trade journal “Automobilwoche”. “A brand that earns no money, is not a more attractive employer.”

, new working time models are part of the “future Pact”. Among other things, the weekly working time increase from 35 to 40 hours. Brand CEO Herbert Diess and the works Council chief Bernd Osterloh had wrestled for weeks violently to the compromise.

meanwhile, it comes in the owner’s family Porsche to a new generation. VW Supervisory Board Hans-Peter Porsche, transferred his assets and his shares to his son Daniell, as this said the “F. A. S.”. The dividends would be shared: “My father receives two-thirds and I one-third.” Daniell Porsche will also play a role in the VW Supervisory Board. “I will make myself available,” said the great-grandson of the VW beetle inventor Ferdinand Porsche.



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