Sunday, November 20, 2016

Berlin-Brandenburg airport: From Waiting until the right Moment.

This is going to be an exciting new year! Frank-Walter Steinmeier is fixed (at least for its book publishing) already as the new Federal President, Angela Merkel has been crowned on Sunday even to the eternal Chancellor (and thus the election, in fact, prior to his beginning terminated) and the BER is and is and is not finished. And if it is? Then it will still be exciting. And, of course, as always, at the BER – expensive.

at the Latest on 31. December 2017 is the self-imposed period of waiting; then at least, everything that has wings and engines to fly up in Schönefeld. So that works out somehow, but still, get the construction companies, they are in a hurry now a little more than before, soon bonuses of the airport company. Condition: by next summer they should be ABOUT ready.

Thus, the main virtue of Angela Merkel, in Berlin everyday work on construction sites through: Wait until the right Moment is always worth it. At least for people and companies who can wait that long.


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