Thursday, November 3, 2016

Volkswagen – Exhaust-Affair: “Not A Confession” – Sü

VW explained to the court that you have never admitted violations in Europe. The opposing lawyer speaks of “Satire”.

Klaus Ott, and Katja Riedel

The district court of Paderborn accumulate in these weeks and months of spectacular method. Suspected arson, suspected homicide cases, including the “horror house of Höxter”. And a so-called Reich citizens who had to answer because of possession of a firearm. Now there, in the Region of East Westphalia-Lippe will be negotiated, also the exhaust-affair of Volkswagen. A VW owner is suing for damages because his Diesel vehicle, a Tiguan 2.0 TDI, have lost due to manipulated pollutant measurements. The district court of Paderborn has for the 14. November, the day after the next Monday, a date recognized.

The procedure. The VW lawyers claim in long pleadings, the car company have been manipulated in Europe, not in the least. Unlike in the US, Volkswagen is nothing but deny everything. In principle, the group says, in Europe there is no affair. Here everything was in order. The confirmed Volkswagen on Thursday at the request of SZ, NDR and WDR. What is negotiated in Paderborn, it sounds quite different than what the auto group yet open to the public. And it could be decisive for the outcome of the affair. Or Not-the affair – the way of the Volkswagen.

this way of Focus Online had already reported in mid-June, according to a former VW-pleading for the land court. “Lunatic argumentation Trick of VW,” was the Headline in Focus Online. Waves, not suggested. Perhaps it is because everything on the VW shareholders ‘ meeting on may 22. June in Hannover focused. There CEO Matthias Müller said that it hurt him “personally that we have with the Software manipulation of the diesel engines broke rules and ethical limits have been exceeded”. Müller asked the shareholders to excuse me.

The sound, like many other things in advance from the house of VW, after all, an admission: Volkswagen had violated laws, all around the world, more than eleven million vehicles of the Software in question. However, neither Miller’s speech in Hamburg with similar Statements made by Chairman of the Supervisory Board Hans Dieter Pötsch on a previous occasion, Volkswagen has added its breaches of the law in Europe. In a further font of the VW lawyers from the 5. October 2016, the regional court of Paderborn is that there is “no confession” of the auto group. Volkswagen have given no illegal behavior, but merely of “irregularities”. Statements like those made by Mr. Pötsch are not meant to be “technical”. The Chairman of the Supervisory Board had said the end of 2015 at a press conference for the exhaust-affair, “not a business, it is justified that the legal and ethical limits are exceeded”.

The düsseldorf-based lawyer, Tobias Ulbrich, representing the regional court of Paderborn the Tiguan-owners and the plaintiff, speaks of the “bloopers” of the auto group. What VW claim, border more like Satire. Ulbrich has, for its part, announced in a written set of criminal charges because of initial suspicion of attempted procedural fraud, should not present to the district court of Paderborn in the case of the competent public Prosecutor’s office. What am Volkswagen of justice, constituted a “flagrant disregard” of the truth a duty in this procedure, writes Ulbrich. The düsseldorf lawyer refers, among other things, on Statements by the former group chief Martin Winterkorn. Had declared in September 2015, shortly after the start of the exhaust-affair in his resignation. He was “stunned that misconduct of this scope, the group were in the Volkswagen-possible”, Winterkorn said at the time.


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