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Adidas subsidiary in the United States: Kasper Rorsted makes Reebok legs – Handelsblatt


The new boss Kasper Rorsted by attacks on the US market,

(photo: © adidas Group, Hannah Hlavacek)

MunichKasper Rorsted on the Gas. The Dane is only since the beginning of October at the top of Adidas. But now the 54-Year-old to build the sports group strong. In the case of the ailing US subsidiary Reebok by the Manager to be out of the Headquarters in Boston, almost every fifth point. Overall, should go as soon as possible, to 150 employees. Even more so, Reebok also needs to leave his headquarters in Canton in the vicinity of Boston. A significantly smaller team to the centre of the metropolis, and to back this to the consumer. “The progress at Reebok, were not large enough,” underscore Rorsted in a telephone conference. On Thursday, he presented the Figures for the past quarter.

His predecessor, Herbert Hainer took over the Label ten years ago for three billion euros. Until today, the company lags behind that of the us East coast to the core brand, Adidas. The margin is modest, the revenue is lower than that of 2006.

The most important national teams in the sport groups

  • For more than 60 years, the German national soccer storm team and Adidas together across the field. The Liaison began with the “miracle of Bern”, the surprising title win 1954 world Cup in Switzerland. Long, the DFB and the brand with the three stripes on an extension of the 2018 expiry supplier contract negotiated – ultimately, with success.

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  • After Germany, Spain is the main European national team from Adidas: The Team won the European Championships in 2008 and 2012 and the 2010 world Cup. In the summer, Adidas has extended the contract with the Spaniards till 2026. The German-Iberian Affair lasts for more than 30 years.

  • Over the years, Russia is the growth market par excellence for Adidas. Accordingly, it was important to have the Russian national team. However, the business is in Russia, meanwhile, was only moderate, economic crisis and sanctions of the West, the customer of the need to buy new sneakers. However, in 2018 the world Cup will take place in the country, therefore, the team for the Adidas is still attractive.

  • In the football-mad South America, the Argentine Association the driving force for Adidas. The Team was last in the world Cup final against Germany – and lost. Adidas was the ultimately, no matter, finally, another awarded to the winner of the brand sponsored Team: Germany.

  • in the World, Brazil is considered the most important Team that plays the brand of the American West coast. However, the success-drenched South Americans are far from a for you acceptable Form. In the case of the home-world Cup 2014, the team is not arbitration disgrace against Germany, at the Copa América this summer, the Brazilians made it to the finals.

  • The last major successes of the English national team for more than four decades back. Nevertheless, the team for men’s Nike is important because the football-crazy Englishmen clothe itself with new uniforms.

  • The country out of the Euro 2016 is the hope of Nike for the coming year. In the last major tournaments, however, the Equipe Tricolore has not played a particularly glorious. Last year, left Les Bleus at the world Cup in the quarter-finals against Germany.

  • The total loss in the Portfolio from the world market leader Nike. The Dutch have failed to qualify for the European Championships next year in France.

  • The Tifosi are the flagships of Puma, and the only European Team of the brand, which plays internationally. However, the last winning the title back is now almost ten years: in 2006 the Italians won the world Cup in Germany.

  • Austria has qualified convincingly for the European Championships in 2016. This makes Puma hope that it’s worth it but still, the earlier years of unsuccessful Team.

  • The confederates play for years in European and world Championships and make Puma so much joy. A title win, however, it served as yet.

  • Puma is sponsoring for years, many of the African Teams – and celebrating with them is always a great success. 2015 Puma Partner ivory coast at the Africa Cup victorious, the African counterpart to the European championship.

it is noted However, Hainer always been at the Reebok. The refocusing on Fitness is going to be successful, the upward trend is sustained, underscore Hainer in the summer. Rorsted evaluated the situation with Reebok is quite different. He does not want to separate from the brand. However, the former Henkel chief makes pressure to bring the Label to the level of Adidas.

The difference is enormous. The core Adidas brand is sought after around the world, which is currently extremely. Between July and the end of September the income for the Adidas brand increased at constant exchange rates, almost one-fifth. The US subsidiary Reebok is struggling, in contrast, an increase of only seven percent. On the home market of America, Reebok languishes for years. In addition, Reebok is not nearly as profitable as Adidas.

on the Other hand, Reebok is only available for every tenth Euro of the group revenues. The influence of the brand on the company as a whole is not too large. And: on the whole, it is to be running around in Adidas. When Kasper Rorsted maintains the current pace, then he will get one day in Herzogenaurach, Germany, a monument next to the company’s founder, Adi Dassler. Former Henkel CEO could announce on Thursday a profit increase in the third quarter by almost a quarter to EUR 386 million.

The sales shot up by 14 per cent to 5.4 billion euros. “2016 will be a record year in which the Adidas group will achieve exceptional results,” said Rorsted on Thursday morning, in his first telephone conference with journalists. Overall, sales are expected to increase this year by almost a fifth, of the profit of even more than a third grow.

The 54-year-old Rorsted has replaced two months ago, Herbert Hainer. The low-Bayer had led Adidas before one and a half decades. At the end of Hainer’s term of office, the sneaker maker was getting better and better. Benefited from now Rorsted.


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