Thursday, November 3, 2016

According to the exhaust gas affair – VW: We have not been tampered with – Sü

The Volkswagen group wants to have made in Europe, suddenly nothing is wrong. The exhaust-Software complies with EU law.

Claus Hulverscheidt, Klaus Ott, and Katja Riedel

VW wants to escape in the exhaust gas having an affair with a new, surprising strategy and set of payments to millions of customers in Germany and Europe damage. The group claims it did not manipulate in the EU, the pollutant emissions of Diesel Cars and no rules are infringed. While VW denies, therefore, violations of the law in the EU, has added to the group in the USA, manipulation, and pays more than 16.5 billion dollars in damages and penalties.

VW said at the request of SZ, NDR and WDR, the vehicles built-in Software is of the view that the group’s “no impermissible switch-off device according to European law.” Defeat device means that the exhaust-gas-cleaning is switched off after the official measurement on the test bench extensively, which leads to times higher pollutant emissions on the road. So many manufacturers went so far, in order to reduce the cost of operating your Car. However, this fact is hardly a group so vehemently like Volkswagen.

The US-compromise power for VW’s much, much worse

15 billion dollars and the problems going on, but only in the United States. The group treated its European customers so bad, that it could break his Neck. By Thomas Fromm more …

conversion is merely in the “special interest of the customer”

in 2015, the practices of VW were blown in the USA. Unlike there, the group intends to pay in Europe, but neither damages nor penalties, although the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) is going on, as the competent regulatory authority is against him. The KBA requires VW, 2.4 million cars in Germany, so to convert that nitrogen oxide emissions are reduced significantly. The car maker has begun, considers the decision of the KBA, but legally wrong, and this has given information from a group of circles to the log.

That VW has its headquarters in Stavanger nevertheless, the cars, the company declared like this: You wanted to work in the “special interest of the customer” with the authorities. Claims for damages of the customer to disagree, of course, energetic. You’ve met the project for the legally prescribed pollutant measurements on the test bench, it means to be in VW pleadings with the court. “A Manipulation is, therefore, not speak.”

From VW’s point of view is nitric oxide not even particularly dangerous

Volkswagen denies even that the nitrogen oxide emissions of Diesel Cars are dangerous to health, as is proven from the point of view of the Federal environment Agency. “A serious investigation of disease numbers or even death for certain groups of the population from a scientific point of view is to our knowledge not possible,” the company said.

In the US, the group, however, continued in a small voice. They are working “around the clock” to satisfy the legitimate claims of the customers, said VW attorney Sharon Nelles in a court date in San Francisco. Of the affected 490 000 owners of a 2.0-litre model had already registered 370 000 for the participation in the agreed to billion in comparison. Judge Charles Breyer continued the parties to the dispute a period of up to 30. November, to get to the 80 000 owners of vehicles with 3.0-Liter engine to a settlement proposal. After all, what he did not know were the conversations on track, said Breyer. The second U.S., by comparison, could cost VW again billion.

The German VW customers are Stupid

American car owners will not be courted to the exhaust gas scandal, European VW driver. This must change – for example, with 1000 euros and a free workshop visit for each Injured party. comment by Marc Beise more …


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