Thursday, November 3, 2016

Exhaust gas scandal: VW wants to have broken in Europe, no laws – TIME ONLINE

Volkswagen violated according to its own information with its Diesel Cars in Europe, no regulations. The controversial Software in the EA-189-motors is “no improper shutdown the device according to European law,” said a group spokesman. The effectiveness of the exhaust cleaning system will not be reduced in these vehicles, the spokesman said.

accused of The organization is to have, as well as other manufacturer’s Software in the diesel vehicles built in that detects when an exhaust gas test is performed. Then, you ensure that less nitrogen oxide are emitted.

manipulation software was discovered during Tests in the United States. There, Volkswagen accepts both penalties as well as damages. Not so in Germany and Europe. Although the Federal motor transport authority determined, but VW takes a different view than the authority: “Although it differs from Volkswagen, represented the legal view of the legal assessment of the German Federal motor transport authority, Volkswagen has consciously decided to, against the decision of the Federal motor transport from 15. October 2015 no appeal.”

In Germany, were only converted a few cars from the manufacturer. It was in the special interest of the customer, “constructive and co-operative Hand-in-Hand” to cooperate with the authorities, said a VW spokesman. As an admission of guilt, one wants to know not understood.

Quite differently in the United States: There has agreed a Volkswagen with the authorities on a comparison. The deal includes up to ten billion dollars for the repurchase of up to 475.000 diesel vehicles with excessive nitrogen oxides. The customers should be able to leave their cars not only to buy it back or converted, but in addition with up to $ 10,000 will be compensated.

in Addition, VW has to apply due to the exhaust gas scandal 4.7 billion dollars for environment Fund. The buybacks should begin in mid-November, said VW. Overall, the comparison with VW could cost up to 16.5 billion dollars (15.2 billion euros).

Volkswagen also doubts the danger of nitrogen oxides to health: “A serious investigation of disease numbers or even death for certain groups of the population from a scientific point of view, according to our knowledge, not possible”, – stated in the message. “The us is currently well-known scientific data, no clear picture of the impact of nitrogen dioxide in environmental concentrations to humans.”


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