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Deutsche Bahn – train doors will close soon 20 seconds earlier – in the service of the … – Sü

travelers will soon have to be there in plenty of time to catch your train. The web gives you other valuable life time.

For a delay in the railway, there are a lot of reasons. Broken-down trains. A run-down rail network. Construction sites. Bad Weather. Good Weather. All things that are difficult to affect, even for a rail-in-chief.

fortunately, Rüdiger Grube, has now found another way to get his trains in the future, on-time driving: The drivers will simply shut the doors earlier. A half a Minute before the scheduled departure, the doors closing is provided, recently, instead of only 10 seconds before. By changing the trains will be in the future seconds exactly according to the timetable ready to go. The project “show jumping”, the name of the railway, was the first to be tried for half a year at the main railway stations in Cologne and Hannover, and has been running now for 17. October nationwide long-distance services.

This man is supposed to make the railway more punctual

investors have left the 25-year – old Andreas Kunze times million of its Sensors, the Deutsche Bahn is hoping for a lot. By Pia Ratzesberger more …

500 merry passengers vs. a frustrated, late-Kommer

the train is on time, your customers have to be in the future, so ahead of time. Who arrives only shortly before the departure at the train station, no longer is there still a train that comes in. Particularly annoying for those driving should be guests that would actually like to in a timely manner, but in a delayed connection sit. In the test phase, there were but few customers, who had missed because of the new regime, a train, a railway spokeswoman. The trains are often on time left. Wherein the measure “is our answer to the punctuality problem”, but only one of many measures.

he was already stood in front of closed doors on the platform, told the pit to the magazine Frankfurter Allgemeine week. But 500 is already on the train, seated passengers had just been glad that it in time went off.

Online Tickets now fit on one page, saving time when Printing

travellers, directly from home or from the office on the way to the station, helps to be the train after all, a bit of the Time. The often-used Online Tickets to cover in the future instead of three, only one page. Officially it is, of course, to the protection of the environment. For rail customers, the print your own ticket just before the departure, of the measure, but the pleasant side-effect that you no longer will have to endure not so long ago at the decrepit ink-jet printer. The 20 seconds that you need to be in the future, earlier on the train, you can so easily save.

cases of hardship are not completely avoided. Also it works in one of the many subsidiaries of the railway group, has a customer-friendly solution. For the Rent of cars and bicycles competent DB Rent GmbH reported on Thursday that it will expand its range of bikes in Berlin. Starting next spring, the company plans to produce 3500 wheels in circulation, more than twice as many as in the past. Those who missed because of the early doors circuit the ICE to Hamburg, you can borrow for the 300-Kilometer-long route so at least a bike.

so Far, the track could be borrowed wheels in Berlin, only one of the 150 fixed stations. In the future, the wheels can be at any point in the city rent, and put it back down. The first outside the Berlin S-Bahn ring, the freedom ends. What many customers as pleasant feel for the track with a unpleasant Background: The Berlin Senate had put out to tender the contract for the System fixed rental stations. Here, DB Rent lost bike against the Leipzig-based company next. Therefore, the railway will, in future, on the station System. And brings the opportunity of the food discounter Lidl as a Sponsor. His problems with punctuality, the group must solve, however, continued alone.

What do you really know about trains?

25 years Ago, the first ICE went. However, when they are considered to be too late? And what a platoon leader actually do, exactly? Test yourself on the Quick seven questions. more… Quiz


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