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Volkswagen-diesel affair: Prosecutor’s office determined against VW … – daily mirror

New Trouble for Volkswagen: The public Prosecutor’s office in Braunschweig determined now against the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the group, Hans Dieter Pötsch, on suspicion of market manipulation in connection with the exhaust gas scandal. The Volkswagen announced on Sunday. VW was more of the opinion that the Board of management informed the capital market properly. In addition, the car group to deal with new allegations against the subsidiary, Audi. According to information from the “Bild am Sonntag” is said to have discovered the Californian environmental authority Carb new Cheat software for high-performance Audi models.

investigation for market manipulation

In the exhaust gas scandal at Volkswagen is determined the public Prosecutor’s office because of the potential for market manipulation against Ex-VW Boss Martin Winterkorn, and the President of the VW brand boss, Herbert Diess. Against the Manager, an initial suspicion that it is in the financial world late about the failed exhaust-scandal-informed and to have such important information for investors suppressed. The VW share price had known of the allegations of manipulation are lost in the past year. Numerous investor lawsuits, therefore, already damages. At Pötsch, the investigation procedure relating to the time, when he was chief financial officer of the group, it was at VW. Pötsch and the group wanted to support investigators “in full.”

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trigger of the investigation is a criminal complaint with the German Federal financial Supervisory authority (Bafin). She wakes up on the duty of listed companies to inform the world of Finance with so-called ad-Hoc communications in a timely manner about important issues. The Prosecutor’s office with their investigation, there is sufficient evidence that the car could have informed Bauer might be too late, “about the expected significant financial losses for the group”. The initial suspicion of market manipulation, however, extends beyond the mere time delay: According to the securities trading act is given a market manipulation, among other things, if “incorrect or misleading information”, or circumstances likely to affect, for example, the price of a stock significantly. The Public is not informed so be aware, there may be according to the law, market manipulation. “Market manipulation in the context of this Criminal provision of the sec urities trading act can be committed only with intent,” had a senior Prosecutor Klaus Ziehe stresses the middle of the year.

New allegations against Audi

brought the VW subsidiary Audi is on the weekend, again more in the focus of the diesel scandal. You should be stronger in the exhaust gas affair entangled than previously known. As the “Bild am Sonntag” reported, has been discovered by the Californian environmental authority Carb in the summer of this year, a further illegal software function in an Audi with a V6 engine. This used Audi also for the Manipulation of CO2 levels for Diesel and gasoline engines in Europe, writes the newspaper without giving sources. According to the report, certain Audi were able to distinguish the models by means of a so-called steering angle detection, whether you are on a roller dynamometer or on the road. The steering Wheel is not moved after the Start, activates a control program for the transmission that produces very little CO2. The driver turns the steering Wheel, however, disabled this “warm-up” strategy. The vehicle is running with another program that consumes more f uel and CO2. An Audi spokesman declined to comment in the “Bams” and referred to the ongoing talks to the exhaust of fraud in America. the dpa/rtr


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