Sunday, November 6, 2016

Audi: Americans find new Scam software – FOCUS Online

Sunday, 06.11.2016, 08:02
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The car maker Audi device to a media report, according to the exhaust gas, the affair is becoming stronger under pressure. The Californian environmental authority CARB’ve discovered in the summer of another illegal software function in an Audi with a V6 engine,

the “Bild reported on Sunday.” The Ingolstadt-based car manufacturer has also used for the Manipulation of CO2 levels for Diesel and gasoline in Europe.

Audi models with a specific automatic transmission can differ by means of a so-called steering angle detection, whether you are on a roller dynamometer or on the road. The steering Wheel is not moved on the test after the Start, activating a shift program for the transmission that produce very little CO2.

Audi has not commented on the allegations

the driver Turn the steering Wheel, however, just to be more than 15 degrees, you have to disable this “warm-up” strategy, according to “BamS”. The vehicle over with a different switching program, the smoke is more fuel and CO2. Audi use this test identifier is already since years, citing confidential company documents to the newspaper report. Affected by the Wheel-Trick performance Audi models that feature the automatic transmission with the internal designation of AL 551.

On request, no comment on the information, according to an Audi spokesman. He merely referred to the ongoing talks to the exhaust gas fraud in the United States.

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