Sunday, November 6, 2016

US authorities discovered a new Scam software at Audi – Heise Newsticker

(image: Audi)

The U.S. environmental protection Agency Carb has discovered a report, we need to further Cheat software in an Audi model. You should reduce the transmission settings of the CO2 emissions on the test bench.

As reported today, “Bild am Sonntag”, has found the Californian environmental authority Carb is already in the summer of this year, a further illegal Software in an Audi A8 model with a V6 engine. According to the report, the fraud software also comes in Diesel and petrol automobiles in Europe.

These cars can recognize on the basis of the steering angle that you are on a roller test bench and not on the road. In the event you would, a switching program of a particular automatic transmission (internal designation AL 551), that produce very little CO2. In Detail it comes to steering movements of less than 15 degrees, in the case of a fuel-saving Translation will be selected. According to “BamS” have not Audi used the cheat Software from may 2016. The American environmental Agency Carb discovered the Manipulation a short time later, but in an older model.

special gear for the roller test bench

The report to Audi used the fraudulent test detection for years in high-performance models. The image on Sunday also mentioned that Axel Eiser, the former head of powertrain at Audi, is aware of the “cycle-optimized switching program” for roller test rigs have had. The Spicy: Eiser is now ascended to the head of Aggregate development in the total-group-VW.

Audi is supposed to have used according to research by NDR, WDR and SZ a Scam software not only in their own Premium 3-litre vehicles, but also the fraud at VW, instrumental, accompanied and supported, as in September it became known. (ISA)


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