Sunday, November 13, 2016

Trump’s victory ousted the Silicon Valley – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Donald Trump loves Twitter. The future American President has used the short message service in the election campaign, with obsession, to attack his adversary, like in the middle of the night. Beyond Twitter Trump the digital world does not know what to do, but not too much. In his office, no Computer, E-Mails, he can print it. He seems to have peculiar ideas of information technology and has proposed to close parts of the Internet, “” to take terrorists a communication channel.

Roland Lindner author: Roland Lindner, an economic correspondent in New York.

He has expressed to want to bring it with the likes of Bill Gates’s talk, the co-founder of the software group Microsoft, which today plays, of course, in the company with a larger role and more, because he focuses on charity work. Otherwise, Trump in the election campaign had little to say Specific to technology issues in contrast to Hillary Clinton, who presented a detailed and of the industry for well-nested program.

The fear of strangers is based on reciprocity. The technology industry was largely United in their disdain for Trump. Prominent figures from the California’s Silicon Valley beat up on Clinton’s side, whether or not Sheryl Sandberg, the CEO of Facebook, and Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple. There are open letters have been written, Interviews given, Tweets posted, and donations for Clinton collected. From the Internet industry alone, they got almost 70 Times as much money as their adversary.

Even Republicans such as Meg Whitman, the CEO of the technology group Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, changed the bearings. The only major exception is Peter Thiel, from Germany, and coming entrepreneur and Investor, spoke publicly for the Trump party. But Thiel is anyway someone, like yourself in the role of quirky, lateral thinker and like to from the Mainstream deviates.

it is Now discovered, however, that of all he has set on the right horse. Trump won, and Thiel was appointed because of his support to the “transition team” of the future President, whose task it is, Trumps taking office, to prepare and to help in the selection of staff for the Cabinet and for around 4000 other items. In the technology industry, horror reigns over the outcome of the election. Aaron Levie, CEO of Online data storage company, specialized Box, brought it via Twitter to the point: “you know those times, when we look at other countries and say: ‘man, you guys are crazy you people.’ Shit, now are we."

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The Silicon Valley is suddenly on the losing side and sees his self-understanding into question. The company write on the flags to improve the world and “dare to moon shots”, so bold projects like the moon landing. Your philosophy is the Disruption, the breaking up of existing structures, the old business models, robs the base and New creates. But exactly, a lot of the Trump turned-voters. You can see the progress that is being propagated in the Silicon Valley, as a threat. And their sorrows are not plucked out of the air.


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