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On life expectancy, age – pairing: Union for higher pension THE WORLD

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Berlin – a Few days before the pension summit, the coalition between Union and SPD new dispute, raising the retirement age. The Union is planning, according to a report of the “mirror,” a new push for a longer Work.

you want to propose, therefore, the SPD in the Coalition meeting on Tuesday, to link the retirement age in the future, the increase in life expectancy.

This proposal was put before Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) at a preliminary meeting of the Union top. The parliamentary Manager of the SPD, Christine Lambrecht, turned on Saturday strongly opposed. The tips of the CDU/CSU and SPD want to discuss next Tuesday on the planned reform steps in the pension.

CSU leader Horst Seehofer expressed according to the “mirror” in principle sympathetic to the idea of linking the retirement age to higher life expectancy. It is conceivable, according to “Spiegel”, for example, that the age limit with each gained year of life expectancy increases automatically by half a year. Currently, the age limit at 65 years and five months; by 2029 it will rise to 67 years. Under current law, the applicable ends of the rise of mechanism afterwards. The duration of the working life increases, would fall in turn, the level of protection is less strong than previously expected.

Lambrecht replied, “The retirement to link the retirement age to life expectancy, as it wants to now the Union, is not to do with the SPD.” An increase in the retirement age is not at all to the discussion. “We do not want rigid rules that employees must work until you are 70 years.” People should be healthy and physically reach fit, the retirement age. “We want to provide good working conditions for older Employees and flexible Transitions to retirement.”

social Affairs Minister Andrea Nahles (SPD) had opposed a higher retirement age. The she had made in an internal round, according to participants, information on your pension dialogue with associations, trade unions and employers. “The life circumstances, health conditions, and personal plans are too different,” was also a spokesman for your Ministry to a corresponding advance of the “economy,” it said. Schäuble was already met in April with the requirement of linking the pension age to life expectancy in contradiction in Nahles’ Ministry.

it is Expected that the top round of talks on Tuesday with Nahles and Schäuble also on the planned East-West alignment at the time of retirement, as well as a better coverage of problem groups, such as low-income earners, those on reduced incomes, and the self-employed. It is also unclear whether CSU chief Horst Seehofer with his goal of a extension of the mothers ‘ pension. The main objective of the planned pension reform, it is not, the backup level until 2045 to decline sharply and the posts are not to rise sharply. Nahles intends to present by the end of November, a total concept.

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