Saturday, November 5, 2016

Not enough engineers for Germany’s bridges and buildings – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

German authorities under a shortage of engineers and are desperately looking for qualified applicants. “The public service shall not people,” said Oliver Koppel, labour market expert at the employer near Institute of the German economy (IW) in Cologne, the news Agency dpa. Currently, the money for renovations, and road construction was indeed in there. “But now people are missing, to invest the money,” said Koppel.

Overall, in Germany there are more Vacancies than job seekers engineers – both in the private sector as well as in the public service. A survey by the IW and the Association of German engineers, only 100 unemployed engineers came in the third quarter of this year, nationwide, to an average of 261 Vacancies. The are 17 per cent more Vacancies than in the prior-year period. Particularly large bottlenecks there are in Bavaria: The ratio between Vacancies and unemployed engineers, is located in the free state of around 4:1.

“In the private sector, a kind of Cut and thrust is already the best and brightest,” said Koppel. In the public service the situation was still tense. Because there could not be accordingly raised salaries lured.

engineers “of the site, the way poached”

Petra Rohland, spokeswoman for the Berlin Senate administration for city development, confirmed the Problem. “The need to plan, build, people, is sometimes so great that the priorities selected, what structures are next addressed,” said Rohland. It is a matter of safety, would projects be implemented immediately. But, for example, the rehabilitation of a dilapidated bridge, which will be bypassed for years on a makeshift bridge that would have to wait due to lack of engineers.

Just engineers from the fields of construction, Surveying and building technology, as well as architects, according to the IW survey is currently in high demand. In these fields, more than 25,000 are therefore free. Civil engineers would be recruited “from the site away,” said Koppel. He knew an engineer who had deleted his profile from an Online professional network – because he had a day to get ten job offers.

three factors fuelled the demand, said Oliver Koppel: Since the Federal government is a vast construction boom. In addition, engineers would be needed for the massively-funded energy-efficient building refurbishment. And also for the construction and the planning of Refugee shelters had to be resorted to engineers.

Bayern takes up to a year for the staffing

In Bavaria, it takes currently six to twelve months, until tender engineer re-occupied could, said posts in the state administration, a spokeswoman for the interior Ministry in Munich. In addition, the number of applicants had declined in the past years dramatically. “In the past, you could pick and choose the Best,” said the spokeswoman. Today, engineers would be hired with lower grades.

The Land of NRW is currently looking for mainly because of upcoming Bridge repairs to high-qualifiertem staff. Alone on the A45 would have to be rebuilt in the next 15 to 20 years, and 38 Viaducts or renovated, said Bernd Löchter, spokesman for the farm road construction. <'d already set since last year, solid engineers./p>

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“We get so many applications for advertised positions as it was before,” said Löchter. Construction projects had to be postponed accordingly, although in the past. “But we must think of the future. In the competitive situation, we need to tell people why we are, the more attractive the employer." More money than a private company could not provide its authority – but good compatibility of family and career, and exciting projects. “Where you can build, otherwise, a bridge over the Rhine?”, Löchter.

During the bottlenecks, the authorities bring in the trouble, benefit engineers. In the professional group calculations of full employment, according to the IW. This means that The unemployment rate is around two percent.


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