Saturday, November 5, 2016

All follow Aldi: The milk is again expensive – daily mirror

In the past few months, milk prices knew only one direction: downwards. 46 cents enough to buy a Liter of fresh milk – and not just at the discounters, but also in the supermarket. These times are now over. After Aldi had announced in the middle of the week, strong price increases for milk and cottage cheese, has tightened the competition. A survey by the daily mirror among food retailers showed that The milk is almost everywhere more expensive – significantly.

65 cents instead of 46

To 19 cents had a set of Aldi is the price for fresh milk up, instead of 46 cents on the litre now costs 65 cents, an increase of over 40 percent. The competition has adapted to it. The second-largest food retailer Rewe and its discount subsidiary Penny curd, UHT and fresh milk, after the example of Aldis more expensive. Here, too, the fresh cost of milk is 65 cents. Real has also responded. “We have made a price adjustment based on the price level of the competition,” said a spokeswoman for the daily mirror. The same is true for the German supermarket chain tegut, which increases the cost of their cheap milk “in accordance with the increase of Aldi,” said a spokeswoman on request.

trimmed a lot of The dairy cows on performance. But the Overproduction makes the prices Reuters

1. November the date for new contracts

The 1 is. November is traditionally the date for the new half-year contracts between the trade and the dairies. The farmers do not sit at the table. They are eager to see whether the price increases reach them. “We have to wait and see how much the dairies,” said Hans folden Auer, a spokesman for the Federal Association of German dairy farmers (BDM), the daily mirror. In October, the farmers have received an average of 25 to 26 cents per Liter, estimates of the BDM-the speaker. In order to work profitably, in the opinion of the Association, but is around 40 cents.

decline of the milk prices

The dairy farmers are suffering from the decline of the milk prices. After the expiry of the European milk quota, which had curtailed production in Europe, had been flooded the market with milk, the prices were slipped into the basement. Many businesses have already have to give up. In order to help the farmers, help the EU and member States programmes. On Wednesday, the Cabinet had approved a package of aid for the German dairy farmers with a volume of almost 600 million euros by the end of 2017. It is made up of financial aid from the EU and from the Federal budget, a loan guarantee program for loans, grants, accident insurance, and tax relief.


The milk package of € 581 million is not subject to the condition that the amount of production continues to increase. Agricultural Minister Christian Schmidt (CSU), but the recent price hikes that are now less milk is produced. However, it is still unclear whether the Federal States cooperate in the aid package. Some countries consider the conciliation Committee to call, warned the SPD-agricultural expert Wilhelm pries Meier on Friday. “This would mean that the law can no longer be 2016 adopted and the farmers would have to continue to wait on the package of measures.”[AUTOR_UNTEN]Heike Jahberg


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