Saturday, November 5, 2016

Volkswagen: Ministry of transport holds the exhaust software is illegal – MIRROR ONLINE

Volkswagen insists, in the case of exhaust gas manipulation is not against EU law. The Federal Ministry of transport.

The Federal Ministry of transport has objected to the representation of the VW group, to have in the exhaust-gas affair, in line with European law. “We do not share the view of VW,” said a spokesman for the Ministry of the daily newspaper “The world”. The wolf Burger had declared that the so-called switch-off facilities were not in the rigged diesel engines illegal in the EU. “In vehicles with a EA 189 Motor is included with the Software is, in the opinion of a Volkswagen Chart hspace= show” no undue shut-off device according to European law”, had a VW spokesman emphasized.

The legal opinion of VW is also not with the recall decision of the German Federal motor transport authority (KBA) in harmony, according to which the manipulated vehicles in Germany back in the workshops. “The KBA has found that VW used illegal defeat devices,” said the spokesman of the Ministry of transport. Therefore, the authority ordered the recall of millions of VW diesel vehicles.

While VW in the US to do the remediation is in the billions, ready, reluctant, the group in Germany and Europe is still against comparable offerings. On Thursday, the group had confirmed, on request of the “Süddeutscher Zeitung”, NDR and WDR, its already in the summer of expressed legal opinion, in the United States the prohibited Software is under EU law there is no illegal Manipulation.

Volkswagen denies, therefore, that the nitrogen oxide emissions of Diesel Cars are dangerous to health. “A serious investigation of disease numbers or even death for certain groups of the population, according to our knowledge, from a scientific point of view, not possible.”

about a year Ago, had to admit in Volkswagen, with a total of eleven million diesel exhaust-gas vehicles in the world to have the values being manipulated. In Germany, the automakers need to convert to 2.4 million vehicles. The company has begun, according to the Reports, but the corresponding decision of the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) legally wrong. This gave the company, according to information from a group of circles to the log.


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