Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Kaiser’s Tengelmann, Edeka acquires the chain Rewe, some of the stores in Berlin – SPIEGEL ONLINE

As Federal Economics Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) early Monday afternoon, before the press came, he announced a “pleasing result” in the negotiations to find a solution for the ailing supermarket chain Kaiser’s Tengelmann. The conciliation talks, under the leadership of former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder “today were completed successfully,” said Gabriel. “Commitment and hard work have paid off, the jobs of more than 15,000 employees have been saved.”

The use of the work and the months-long tug-of-war have left their mark on Gabriel’s over: As the Vice-Chancellor is the big “responsibility” of the armed valves of the Emperor’s praised Tengelmann, Edeka and Rewe, he looked tired in the round of the assembled journalists.

Inquiries answered and connected to Gabriel in a short and evasive. Whether an agreement was drawn over all the branches? “All issues between the companies are the subject of the arbitration agreement, Yes,” says Gabriel. A questioner asks again: So all the branches divided? “No, we are not divided all, but there is a balance of interests,” says Gabriel.

the praise came from the trade Union Ver.di and from the SPD. “This is a good result, for everyone Involved,” says Harald Christ, a managing member of the Presidium of the SPD economic forum. Nevertheless, “if you can agree to this solution before the conflict has escalated”.

What is the arbitration for Kaiser’s Tengelmann?

The supermarket chain is not sold as initially planned – completely to the Edeka group. Edeka is a large package Tengelmann stores in Berlin to the rival Rewe. The branches in Bavaria gets Edeka. An agreement on the division of markets in North Rhine-Westphalia is apparently still going on.

In North Rhine-Westphalia operates the Tengelmann group, currently 105 Kaiser’s-Tengelmann-stores with around 4000 employees. Many of these supermarkets are located in rural areas and are small and old. Tengelmann chief Karl-Erivan Haub had recently accepted that the markets in the Region of North Rhine “in greatest Need”.

Edeka CEO Markus Mosa and Rewe chief Alain Caparros have also agreed on a roadmap in order to clarify still open questions of detail. Hire an independent auditor to determine the purchase price. This process is expected to be completed on Friday. It was merely a “technical process”, economy Minister Gabriel.

Edeka and Rewe have time until 11. November gave, to bring to the Deal. Rewe wants to ask the higher regional court in Düsseldorf to a shift already anberaumter trial dates. Rewe brought an action against the Minister permit, the Minister of economic Affairs Gabriel first of all, the green light for the originally planned complete takeover by Edeka had given.

What happens to the employees?

According to the words of Gabriel can look forward to all of the employees at Kaiser’s Tengelmann. “You can celebrate a good Christmas, because you don’t have to Worry more about their jobs,” the Minister said. Rewe, have committed to meet the conditions of the Ministerial approval. Existing collective agreements will continue to have validity, and the jobs of the employees of Kaiser’s Tengelmann, for a total of up to seven years to be safe, Gabriel.

Was it really?

that is not Entirely certain. All sides have agreed not to disclose the Details of the arbitration. In the past few days, was circles of negotiating multiple leaked that discussions have only just been before the Failure. Even after Gabriel’s appearance there are still open questions. In addition to the purchase price of the item “distribution of the burden is apparently”. It is meant to, among other things, whether Rewe involved in costs for the restructuring of loss-making branches in North Rhine-Westphalia, but also of the so-called “rear services,” Kaiser’s Tengelmann, i.e. administration, warehouse and meat production.

According to Gabriel, an agreement on these issues is imminent. “I’m going to assume that there may be some stumbling block,” said the Minister of economy. In negotiating circles, it is not quite so sure. In fact, there was already a similar agreement. At the beginning of October, the supermarket had-leaders at a top-of-the branches of Kaiser’s Tengelmann meet already once divided. A few weeks later, they declared the talks a failure.


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